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What Would You Do…?

Good afternoon! :) How has your week been? Mine is dragging a little, but I have so many fun things on my agenda for the next few days that I think it will turn around! Tomorrow night, The Band Perry is coming to my school (!!!) and my friends and I are excited for one last college concert together.

3 best friends in fall ( of “lasts”……there are only 15 days left of college so I have a feeling everything is going to be a “last” pretty soon.

Last college weekend.

Last night downtown.

Last study session in the library.

Last spontaneous froyo trip (which will likely be followed by “okay now THIS is the last time for real”)

Last drive out to Lake Mary.

Last college sports game as a student (the Spring Football game this weekend, yay!)

Last paper/presentation/lecture/exam/homework/quiz EVER.

Last (hopefully) time I have to coordinate a group project assignment at the midnight hour.

Last opportunity to blame being a “broke college student” for my mismatched dish collection or cheerios-for-dinner nights (which actually has nothing to do with being broke, I just like Cheerios.)

Last time ever living with roommates (my next roommate will be my future husband I hope! haha)

Laaaaaaaaast chance to change my major? Just kidding ;)

SO this brings me to my very important question for you. Right now I am in such a unique situation that leaves such so much opportunity open to take advantage of. I am leaving this town for good. I am moving to another state. I will likely not see 99.73% of my peers from here again. It feels like I just have to do something wild/silly/ridiculous/spontaneous (the fact that I’m asking for help negates the spontaneity here, I understand)/embarrassing/memorable*.

*Fine print: NO tattoos, illegal activities, or permanent alterations to the body please. ;)

So what would you do!? Tell that boy how you’ve been crushing on him for a solid two months? Carve your initials somewhere? Finally stand up to that loud-mouth diva and say what everyone’s been thinking? Wear the outfit you’ve had in your closet for two years but always been too self-conscious to wear?

Hiking Mt. Humphreys // group at summit ( was talking about this with a friend and we struggled to come up with two ideas. One is semi-legitimate and the other is just sad. First, I would sing karaoke downtown. I know this isn’t super embarrassing, but you’ve not heard me sing. Right before I leave town would probably be the most appropriate time for this particular night out ;) And the second is wear ponytails/messy buns in public. Yep, I blow dry, straighten, or curl my hair every single day that I leave my apartment or see people other than my roommates or family. My poor, poor split ends. I just don’t feel comfortable wearing up-do’s (unless I’m working out) so when I have just 15 days left, I am more likely to care less about my appearance. (Not so much less that I’ll consider wearing leggings as pants or slippers to class though…..don’t be ridiculous ;) ) Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

CLEARLY I need some guidance in the “final days of college” department. I mean I already have some pretty spectacular college memories but now it’s time to go out with a BANG :)



That time I randomly won a Warrior Dash entry…

Good morning friends! So this is the end of spring break….10 wonderfully carefree days where I did less blogging/homework/social media and spent much more time outdoors. No appointments or schedules….except one little thing that recently popped up on my calendar…

I told you I read tons of other blogs, including fellow marathoners. The week before spring break, Run Eat Repeat hosted a giveaway on her blog for two entries for the Warrior Dash 2015. It’s a big muddy obstacle course, kind of like the challenges on Survivor! Guess who won one? ;)

Welcome Warrior Dash 2015 on Strong Like My Coffee ( California was between 70-90 degrees all week so I ended up staying for 9 days. Saturday was the race day, and I opted to stay through Sunday morning to do my long run at sea-level.

The atmosphere at the race was awesome! People always come in cute or crazy outfits for these big events, so there were lots of tie-dyes and tutu’s. The Warrior Nation Stage was huge with live music, Shock Top had a full bar (free beer for racers which I gladly donated haha), Rockin’ Refuel was giving out all their chocolate milk. There was a giant rock wall and other vendors, and we even played some corn hole while waiting for my start wave.

I was first on the start line, and we were sent off with two fiery blasts.

Warrior Dash 2015 on Strong Like My Coffee ( thing I would do differently is wear sunscreen. I didn’t know what the course was like (noooo shade) and I’m sporting a nice red nose to school today. Spring break souvenir? The path winded around some trails for about a mile before we hit the first obstacle, which was crawling under several barbed wire lines. Next we went through some trenches, climbed wooden ladders, traversed beams, scrambled over nets, pulled ourselves up with ropes, sludged through mud, crossed a stream, and slid down the utlimate muddy water slide.

My favorite obstacle was called High Tension: you balance and walk across a rope while holding onto another rope above your head while water rains down. So much going on! And the GRAND FINALE of it all:

Warrior Dash Mud Pit on Strong Like My Coffee at Stronglikemycoffee.comCan we take a moment to notice the girl on the far left taking a selfie? Hope she has a LifeProof!

Muddy Warrior Dash 2015 on Strong Like My Coffee ( expression doesn’t quite capture my thoughts at that moment, which were “Point me to the showers!” I knew it would be muddy, but wasn’t expected to fully submerge in the pit. Pretty sure I had some mud in my mouth and a nest in my hair. That outfit is now in the trash and after two long showers, I finally feel clean again!

I had fun doing this unexpected last-minute race, though I think from now on I’ll stick to mud-less marathons :)


Warrior Dash Finish Line on Strong Like My Coffee at

Monday Motivation

A little motivation for marathon training, staying focused, and just getting through Monday in general. (We are just FOUR days away from spring break!)

A couple times a month, I like to take a break from writing my own original post to share amazing finds from around the interwebs that I found especially entertaining/inspirational.

1.) Motivation to push yourself in workouts:

Probably the only reason I was able to power through my 13-mile long run on Saturday was with Kelly Clarkson’s brand new album Piece by Piece (Deluxe Edition). She is the true MVP here. The beats and the lyrics made the miles fly by (except when I ran so far out that my phone lost internet connection and I ran two miles in complete silence. Awkward.) Can’t pick a favorite but Second Wind and Invincible are probably the best workout tracks.

2.) Motivation for Self-Improvement:

The Thought Catalog Article ‘25 Things Every Woman Should Have by the Time She Turns 25′

This article popped up on Pinterest and piqued my interest. As a 22 year old millenial, a lot of the things on this list are considered more traditional than modern. Especially #3, which says we should only have the phone numbers, Facebook contacts and friends that we actually want in our life. So many of the items on this list resonated with me and I think it is a personal goal to accomplish each one in the next three years. (Should probably print it out then, to remind myself!)

3.) Motivation for running:

*Obviously since I am 3 weeks in and 12 weeks out from my next marathon, I had to add something running-related. Blogs from other marathoners are my main source of running inspiration lately (Carrots n’ Cake and The Hungry Runner Girl motivated me to do my first Yasso 800 workout! Both are training for Boston.) I’m not going to lie, food is a huge motivator for running. As ridiculous as it sounds, I’m running to become faster for a marathon, not to lose weight. So I look forward to replacing the calories I burn off… I joked on Instagram about my intense margarita craving during this weekends long run. I’ll blame it on all the salt I lost from sweat! ;)

Running Motivation  stronglikemycoffee.com4.) Motivation to Eat Healthy:

On the complete flip side of that beautiful diagram above, not every meal can be cupcakes and cosmos unfortunately. Nutrition is still extremely important for our everyday energy, brain activity, self-confidence and overall health. I’m definitely guilty of getting in a rut and giving into hormones and cravings. Sometimes we need a little motivation to remind ourselves why its so much better to choose healthy whole ingredients, and this video and post from The Skinny Confidential was pretty helpful –> TSC Grocery Store Haul.

5.) Motivation for blogging:

On Friday night, I was stopped at a cross walk with a friend just chatting. A girl came up behind me and said, “Excuse me? I read your blog…” I’d never met her before. She was a student at my school who Google searched ‘healthy college girl blog’ or something. Her boyfriend recognized our school in the pictures after she clicked on Strong Like My Coffee and so she began following. The very first time someone who randomly found me on the internet found me in person! (If you’re reading, hi!)

Turns out my digital marketing course and work with search engine optimization has made Strong Like My Coffee the #1 search result on Google for “Healthy College Blog”!

6.) Motivation for senioritis:

Motivation Monday from Stronglikemycoffee.comOn Thursday morning, my marketing professor so kindly reminded us that we should start actively seeking out jobs for after graduation. Thanks dude, I’ve been working on that since January! Do you know how many rejection e-mails I’ve now received? I don’t even know. I delete them immediately, so I’m not keeping track. The majority state that they are seeking candidates with 5+ years experience.

I’m motivated to keep looking because of my intense passion for starting a brand new life of my own in the Carolina’s.

I’m motivated because I know my marketing skills and my experience are right for some position out there. I’m motivated to keep applying because every day, a few thousand people visit this site to see what I have to say.

I’m motivated because all of my peers are going through the exact same thing. I’m motivated because I’ve had my heart set on moving to the south and anything less than what I set out to do is not an option.

Monday Motivation Quote (

May your Monday be short and your coffee be strong!



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