There is more to life than diet & exercise. I’m a girl of many passions, just like you. Somewhere along the line, my blog evolved from a narrow-focus on running and recipes. Strong Like My Coffee has developed into a more balanced glimpse into my life as a “healthy college girl” including travel and vacations, fashion, DIY and decorating projects, and all things domesticated :)

Below is an organized archive of these posts from the past three years. Each of these links will open in a new tab.

Simple Country Bedroom decor |

College Life & Shenanigans:

DIY, Dorm/Apartment Living, Roommates & Cleaning:

10 things I learned as a Sports Marketing Intern

Interning, Job Searching, Volunteering, Marketing:

Family First/Daily Life: Medical Update blog post

My Medical Journey:

Student-Athlete Stories:

Vacations, Staycations, Travels & Adventures:


Fitness motivation from

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