This “About” page has had many iterations in its lifetime! The blog Strong Like My Coffee began in 2012, after my freshman year of college as a NCAA D1 student-athlete. For three years, I blogged about life as a collegiate cross country and track runner in Flagstaff, Arizona with many posts about dorm room cooking, navigating campus dining as a health-conscious student, various campus gym workouts and general life! They were NOT all high quality photos and aesthetically-plated meals, because this was a decade ago before blogging was mainstream and everyone had a smart phone. My first years of blogging were captured with a good ole’ point-and-shoot digital camera I toted around with me! It was a really special time in my life, and it was before I ever had an Instagram account. Over time though, I gained a following and invested in better quality photos. In 2014, my blog was the number one Google search result for “Healthy College Girl” and had some trending posts on Pinterest. Strong Like My Coffee gained the attention of national brands and allowed me to collaborate on recipes with companies like Chobani, Better Body Foods, and Quest Nutrition.

During this time, I also brought you along my medical journey as I travelled to New York for a series of facial surgeries to correct my venous malformation on my left cheek. The blog initially began as a hobby to maintain my sanity when I was required to take months off of running to heal.

After graduating college and ending my collegiate athletic career, I felt like I lost my “niche” that this blog was built around. I continued to write about daily life post-grad where I relocated to Idaho but I ultimately took a break from blogging for a few years until I found my new niche and voice again.

In 2022, I was ready to write again because I’ve missed this fun outlet and always enjoyed going back to read and relive old posts myself. Strong Like My Coffee has always been like my own personal scrapbook of memories and moments I don’t want to forget. Now, I am a brand new mom to a baby girl and the wife of a commercial airline pilot. I’m currently working on a series of blog posts called my “30 Things To Do Before Turning 30 Bucket List.” But I’ll have plenty other content sprinkled in between, including life of an aviation family and travel guides.

Life is very different since the launch of this website, but my love of coffee has stayed strong ;)

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