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Bucket List Item #3: Visit a Museum

Tomorrow will mark 2 months since my 29th birthday, and we are only on bucket list item #3! A little behind pace, but so many of the events are weather-dependent and geared towards summertime. Finding the next task to check off was a little limiting as Boise wasn’t climbing past 60 degrees over the weekend, so I selected “Visit a Museum.” Ideally I would have liked to find a more exotic or adventuresome museum, but we made do with what our hometown had to offer.

Zeb and I looked up local museums that we hadn’t been to before. (For anyone visiting the area, the Warhawk Air Museum about 20 minutes outside of Boise in Nampa, Idaho is a fun visit and one we’ve gone to many times!) We picked the Idaho State Museum in downtown Boise and made it a full “date day” with brunch first a cute new-ish spot called Huck House Brunchette.

Everyone is short-staffed right now and we are always being reminded to be patient and give grace to the employees who did show up; which is why we decided not to say anything when my eggs benedict arrived….sans eggs. 😁 Oh well, the brioche bread, avocado, bacon and hollandaise sauce was still a delicious plate, and we had split a little flight of mimosas to go with our coffees.

The museum was three stories with exhibits that included little interactive stations for families and kids. Here’s a little Idaho history you probably didn’t know and can enlighten your friends with over your next happy hour:

Idaho’s Parachuting Beavers:

In 1948, Idaho Department of Fish & Game dropped 77 beavers via parachutes into the Idaho back country. The first was named Geronimo.

Credit: Idaho Fish and Game

At the time, the mountain town of McCall was becoming more populated and residential. However the pesky beavers in the area were becoming a major problem for the new residents. Trapping and relocating them was difficult as there weren’t many other suitable habitats to relocate them too.

A local Fish and Game employee named Elmo knew of the perfect habitat, the Chamberlain Basin in what is now known as the Frank Church Wilderness of No Return. Issue was, as the name implies, there aren’t any roadways into the basin. Next he needed to brainstorm a method of transportation that was safe for his team and the beavers. He knew there was a surplus of parachutes from World War II. He planned to put beavers into wooden boxes, but began to fear they would chew their way out. He designed a special box that would automatically open upon impact with the ground and allow the beavers to safely escape. Enter Geronimo, the guinea pig parachuter. Elmo’s team sent Geronimo up for test flight after test flight, parachuting him to the ground, watching him leave the box and repeating until they were sure it would be a successful mission for transplanting the unwelcome beavers into the wild.

77 beavers in total were sent into the Chamberlain Basin via parachutes and created their habitat in what is now the largest protected roadless forest in the lower 48 states.

And now you know a little something about Idaho State history that you probably didn’t before. :)

Another interesting tidbit we gleaned from our tour: The unique national monument in central Idaho called Craters of the Moon, which is a preserve made up of over 400 acres of lava fields, was visited by astronauts prior to their mission to the moon.

We learned about early farming tools, pioneer houses, mining, and rock formations. At the end of the day, we stopped at the gift shop for some “Beaver Brigade” stickers to mail to a friend, then we were eager to reunite with our little 6-week-old sweet pea.

30 Things To Do Before Turning 30

For Christmas, one of my stocking stuffers from my husband Zeb (oh yeah, I’m married! I suppose we do have a lot to catch up from since my last blogging phase from 2011-2018!) was a cute rom-com fiction book called “Love, Lists and Fancy Ships.” The main character is a 29-year old yacht stewardess who created a list of 30 things to accomplish before she turned 30. While reading the book, I was 28 and about to turn 29 myself. The number “30” startles my gag reflex. It’s an age that sounds so much farther in the distance for me than it really is. I feel like I just finished college still. I know I’ve hit the major adult milestones in my 20s – bought a house, got married, and found out I was pregnant with my first baby. But I still don’t feel “adult” enough to qualify for the 30s club just yet.

To make the new decade more palatable, I decided to copy the main character from this novel and write my own bucket list to make the most of the rest of my 20s.

The morning of my 29th birthday, Zeb and I went to brunch together at a local spot here in Idaho. I started a new note in my phone and began listing activities I hoped to do before my next birthday. By the end of our brunch, I had 17 items I would commit to doing over the next 365 days. We brought the note back out at dinner with my parents that night and rounded out the 30 items.

And here it is:

30 Things To Do Before Turning 30

  1. Visit a National Park
  2. Stand-Up Paddle Board
  3. Run a Half Marathon
  4. Visit a Museum
  5. Sing Karaoke at a Bar
  6. Do 30 Push-ups in a Row
  7. Officiate a Wedding
  8. Read ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’
  9. Try Caviar
  10. Fit Back into my Wedding Dress
  11. Volunteer at an Event
  12. Plant a Garden
  13. Catch a Fish
  14. Practice Calligraphy
  15. Watch All of the Harry Potter Movies
  16. Give Birth
  17. Make Homemade Bread
  18. Sled Down the Bruneau Sand Dunes
  19. Attend a Concert
  20. Swim in an Ocean
  21. Learn New Winter Sport
  22. Hike a New Trail in Idaho
  23. Visit a New Country
  24. Make a Coffee Table Scrapbook
  25. Ride a Roller Coaster
  26. Take a Dance Class
  27. Play 18 Holes of Disc Golf
  28. Jump in a Pool with all my Clothes On
  29. Go Tent Camping
  30. Travel to 3 Different States

Zeb says its cheating to add “give birth” since I’m nine months pregnant as I wrote this list (oh yeah, another catch-up moment for those blog readers that haven’t heard from me in 3 years. Surprise!) but I think it’s a pretty momentous occasion during my 20s that I should get some kind of credit for on this list of activities!

I plan to create a journal/blog entry for every item on this list as I cross it off and document the year through the photos and stories this brings up. So stay tuned to see how we work our way through this list before I turn the big 3-0 on February 12, 2023!

Unemployed Life – Pancakes and Packing

Good morning! I’m coming to the end of my SECOND week of being “unemployed.” I had been  interning with a company during my last two years of school at Northern Arizona University, and after I graduated they offered me a full time job. I became an associate buyer at the corporate headquarters of a national food manufacturing company in Southern California – a desk job with lots of spreadsheets, emails and computer functions that was not related to my major {marketing} and didn’t include a lot of interaction with anyone else. Feeling like I was in the wrong job for me was a huge motivator to follow through with relocating….which I’m doing in a few short days{!!} Quitting my job was the first step to starting new in Boise. But I had two full weeks between my last day of work and driving to Boise to enjoy #unemployedlife.

Move tree quote

Like I said yesterday, packing up my room uncovered some real treasures including $13 worth of change which I immediately cashed in for a Starbucks gift card. I bribed myself (or maybe I was just stalling?) to clean my car before her big road trip with a jolt of caffeine. Iced Americano with sugar-free cinnamon, always.

Boise Bound

I’m constantly reminding myself that my days in Southern California are numbered (not sad about it). Of course I’m trying to be as productive as possible but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take total advantage of eating my lunches outside picnic-style, drinking my first cup of coffee in bed, and being a little more elaborate with my snack creations.

Protein Pancake Breakfast

Prime example: this morning I decided to attempt my very first PROTEIN PANCAKES. We have two full containers of chocolate and vanilla protein powders and I’m trying to use up what’s left in cupboards. The recipes on Pinterest seem easy enough, and I just stocked up on fresh berries yesterday sooo I took my iced Starbucks treat to the kitchen and I totally would have worn my apron if it weren’t already packed in my stack of boxes ;)

Cinnamon Vanilla Protein Pancakes - stronglikemycoffee.comI rarely ever use protein powder these days, since my workouts have cut down drastically since last November. I’m slowly easing back into running and strength training now that my medical situation and hectic schedule have calmed down, but I don’t feel like I need to supplement my protein intake with a powder – I get plenty of it from real food! (I tried adding some to hot oats the other day and it was terrible!)

I have to get used to photographing all of my dishes again before devouring them, now that the blog is back full force :)

Super Bowl Sunday Study Snack (

My reading material with breakfast: blog posts about moving out-of-state and tips for relocating. I learned a few tips and tricks, although my move is a little easier since my parents are also relocating to Idaho and have taken care of all of the furniture and apartment details. I’m actually already registered at the nearest gym and signed up for the local weekly running club! Mostly I am just filled with excitement and anticipation for what the future holds. Something about the uncertainty of my life in Idaho is THRILLING. There is literally nothing but opportunity to create whatever life I want for myself (with a lot of hard work). Boise is one of the fittest communities in the country and I know that I will feel at home very soon :)

Enjoy your weekends! And please feel free to share any of your relocating/moving tips in the comments section!

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