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What Would You Do…?

Good afternoon! :) How has your week been? Mine is dragging a little, but I have so many fun things on my agenda for the next few days that I think it will turn around! Tomorrow night, The Band Perry is coming to my school (!!!) and my friends and I are excited for one last college concert together.

3 best friends in fall ( of “lasts”……there are only 15 days left of college so I have a feeling everything is going to be a “last” pretty soon.

Last college weekend.

Last night downtown.

Last study session in the library.

Last spontaneous froyo trip (which will likely be followed by “okay now THIS is the last time for real”)

Last drive out to Lake Mary.

Last college sports game as a student (the Spring Football game this weekend, yay!)

Last paper/presentation/lecture/exam/homework/quiz EVER.

Last (hopefully) time I have to coordinate a group project assignment at the midnight hour.

Last opportunity to blame being a “broke college student” for my mismatched dish collection or cheerios-for-dinner nights (which actually has nothing to do with being broke, I just like Cheerios.)

Last time ever living with roommates (my next roommate will be my future husband I hope! haha)

Laaaaaaaaast chance to change my major? Just kidding ;)

SO this brings me to my very important question for you. Right now I am in such a unique situation that leaves such so much opportunity open to take advantage of. I am leaving this town for good. I am moving to another state. I will likely not see 99.73% of my peers from here again. It feels like I just have to do something wild/silly/ridiculous/spontaneous (the fact that I’m asking for help negates the spontaneity here, I understand)/embarrassing/memorable*.

*Fine print: NO tattoos, illegal activities, or permanent alterations to the body please. ;)

So what would you do!? Tell that boy how you’ve been crushing on him for a solid two months? Carve your initials somewhere? Finally stand up to that loud-mouth diva and say what everyone’s been thinking? Wear the outfit you’ve had in your closet for two years but always been too self-conscious to wear?

Hiking Mt. Humphreys // group at summit ( was talking about this with a friend and we struggled to come up with two ideas. One is semi-legitimate and the other is just sad. First, I would sing karaoke downtown. I know this isn’t super embarrassing, but you’ve not heard me sing. Right before I leave town would probably be the most appropriate time for this particular night out ;) And the second is wear ponytails/messy buns in public. Yep, I blow dry, straighten, or curl my hair every single day that I leave my apartment or see people other than my roommates or family. My poor, poor split ends. I just don’t feel comfortable wearing up-do’s (unless I’m working out) so when I have just 15 days left, I am more likely to care less about my appearance. (Not so much less that I’ll consider wearing leggings as pants or slippers to class though…..don’t be ridiculous ;) ) Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

CLEARLY I need some guidance in the “final days of college” department. I mean I already have some pretty spectacular college memories but now it’s time to go out with a BANG :)



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