One of my greatest passions and hobbies is fitness, and I can truly say that I LOVE to run, lift, hike, explore but also to LEARN about fitness, anatomy, and the variety of fitness trends and fads going on right now. This page includes links to all of my fitness-focused posts and workouts, broken down by category: Strength Training, Light Cardio, Intense Cardio, Fitness Conversations (non-workout posts about fitness trends like fasted cardio, intuitive eating and supplements), and some Exercise Motivation. Additionally, my college cross country, track, and marathon training posts are put together at the bottom!

Hope you find some useful posts!

Strength Training:

Light Cardio Workouts:

Pool Circuit Workout

Hardcore Cardio:

Fitness Conversations:

GNC BCAA supplement and more intro to supplementation info (


Exercise Tips & Motivation:

Kenzie’s Collegiate Race Recaps:

Tucson Track Meet (


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