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Define “Strong”

Obviously before I could launch my blog, I needed a title. I had a few ideas, but I came up with “Strong Like My Coffee” on a morning run during the summer at a local park. ‘Strong’ encompasses more than just physical, muscular strength. Everyone has their own internal battles, and some days just choosing to wear that big, bright & beautiful smile is “strong.” Sometimes I use the most strength trying to refrain from smacking some loudmouth classmate across the head! ;)

We are ALL a little stronger than we think we are.

Missy from

I love killing time on Pinterest and can usually always count on the “quotes” section to fill me with inspiration for the day. Over the past year, I’ve pinned a lot of quotes and phrases that have to do with strong. Since others have already worded them so much better than I could, I thought I would share my favorite and most applicable strength-themed quotes. All of them extend beyond health!

Brad Peters Photography1. The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.

2. Sometimes walking away has nothing to do with weakness and everything to do with strength. We walk away not because we want others to realize our worth and value but because we finally realize our own.

3. You have to be your strongest when you feel your weakest.

4. You were given this life because you were strong enough to handle it.

5. You are only as strong as the coffee you drink.

Okay you knew I’d have to throw a coffee one in there ;)

Without getting too sappy and metaphorical, I think it’s super important to remind ourselves of just how strong we can be! You have made it this far and have overcome things you did not know you could. I know I have! When I realize that I’ve accomplished something that originally struck me with fear, I can’t help but smile.



College Girl’s Meal Plan

Since my College Girl’s Grocery Guide became so popular on Pinterest I am continuing with a similar topic: meal plan.

I sincerely believe the best way to maintain a healthy diet is to pre-plan every day’s meal. Lots of times I do this the night before (after I’m full from dinner) on the post-it sticky notes on my laptop. I plan my breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks and sometimes dessert. But it only works if you commit to eat what you’ve planned, instead of impulse calorie-bombs like pizza or ice cream.

Now that it’s almost the start of a new year, and a new semester if you are in school, it seems like a good time to clean up some eating habits. And a lot of time, people eat junk food because they want something quick and available. Which is usually nothing super healthy. So here is a basic list of easy, healthy meals that are nutritious and affordable:

College Girls Meal Plan from

Another good reason to plan out each day’s meals ahead of time is to be able to make a grocery list and have every ingredient you need on hand. If you’ve got a meal plan and a grocery list, you won’t even need to walk down the ice cream aisle because it’s not on your list! ;)

I didn’t include snacks on this list, but I’ve got plenty of light snacks on my Healthy Study Snacks Page:

Healthy Study Snack List from

As for dessert:  I definitely can’t say that I skip dessert every night. And that is also why there is not ice cream in our house! Because when there is, I will eat it.

  • Some night’s at school, I’ll make a bowl of oatmeal after dinner.
  • Other times at home, we’ll pop some light popcorn to go with a movie.
  • I think sticking a fat-free yogurt in the freezer for half an hour is also a yummy treat :)
  • And so is frozen banana slices with peanut butter!
  • Lots of nights I’ll enjoy a decaf coffee with yummy creamer.
  • But sometimes you just need chocolate….Dove dark chocolate squares are my favorite.

Basically, if you have the day’s meals all planned out you will be less tempted to reach for the candy bowl or order the pastry at the coffee shop because it isn’t on your agenda! And before you order anything from a restaurant, you should check out the calorie content first – you might just be shocked.

  • Typical restuarant salad entree: Around 1,100 calories (Almost 2/3 your daily needs!)
  • Typical coffee shop muffin: 550 calories (Add in the latte and that will take an hour on the treadmill to burn off)
  • Typical restaurant pasta dish: 1,200 calories

College Girls Meal Plan from stronglikemycoffee.comPin the meal plan here:

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Weekend Re-cap and Blog Round-Up

We are 5 days in to No Gain November! It’s not too late to start now, either. Let these healthy habits to help during the holidays :)

So I originally had a blog post planned for yesterday. It was going to be about how a friend and I volunteered at the local Food Bank on Saturday. Except  you will never believe what happened….THEY TURNED US AWAY. Can you imagine a volunteer-run organization actually rejecting willing and able college students trying to do some community service? I couldn’t.

On one hand we were disappointed that our Saturday plans had been changed. On the other, how amazing is it that there was such an abundance of people volunteering their time that the organizations’ needs were fulfilled! Obviously Thanksgiving is a common time for community service in food banks and soup kitchens, a time when we are reminded that the less fortunate need these services the other eleven months of the year too.

We will try again next weekend. Any how, this put a damper on my blog plans. I had no fancy dessert  or fun exercise circuit planned. So I bring you a Blog Round-up:


I created Strong Like My Coffee over three months ago. It’s amazing the places that this blog has reached (seriously, countries I had never heard of. How amazing!) and I’m excited to keep growing and posting. Now with over 80 posts, it’s kind of fun to look at some of my favorite and forgotten posts.

Summer Seafood: Shrimp Burgers with Peachy Salsa

Please make these! They were one of the top 10 dinners I have EVER made.

AMAZING Strawberry Banana Oat “Cookies”

These healthy cookies were one of my most popular recipes, and understandably so. I can’t wait to make these again!

Make Your Own Coffee Creamer:

This was mainly just a fun experiment! I had no idea what to expect when I poured these ingredients in a saucepan, but hoped for the best and it worked out pretty tastefully :) Anything with pumpkin spice already earns bonus points in my book.

Give Me A Reason:

Always good to find your fitness motivation. Cross Country and Track races are mine, but soon it will be marathons!

The Healthy Study Snack List:

I actually refer to this list myself when I’m in the snacking mood. (Is that conceited?)

Thanks for reading! I am excited for all the new recipes I can’t wait to try and workouts I can’t wait to share. Make it a great Monday :)


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