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Hodge Podge Collage

The interior designer in me is coming out… I’m brainstorming how to decorate my apartment and new room!

*By “interior designer” I mean amateur photo-hanger and pillow-assembler.* ;)

After beginning to move in, I realized that I had a lot more space to work with than I anticipated. My master bedroom is more like a suite! There is too much blank wall space, even with my furniture. I’m loving the organized-chaos look from some Pinterest boards, basically a collage of frames on a wall. I’ve decided to alternate between black and white frames, including a good mixture of candid photos of me with friends and family, scenic photos of the beautiful places I’ve travelled, and appropriate quotes to inspire and compliment my room.

On my quest to find wall-worthy words, I searched for quotes from my favorite songs and tv shows. I basically have 5 favorite TV series of all time. In not-so-accurate order:

  • Gilmore Girls
  • Friends
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Friday Night Lights
  • House Hunters

(Aaaalmost making the list is Desperate Housewives; ER; Law & Order: SVU; Sex & the City; The Real Housewives of Orange County; Trading Spaces; and Parenthood!)

SO many memorable lines from each of these shows (I speak fluent Gilmore-Girl-quote.) *If you follow me on PINTEREST you’ve probably already seen my quote pin binge.

Top Contenders:

  • Kacey Musgraves “Follow your Arrow”


  • Eli Young Band’s “Guinevere”


  • Gilmore Girls – Max Medina’s proposal to Lorelia:

Gilmore Girls Quote

  • Friday Night Lights – Coach Taylor’s game-day quote:
  • Classic Gilmore rationality:


Think I can pull off a House Hunters quote?

Yeah probably not ;)

What is your favorite TV show and/or quote?


Downtown: Artwalk and Sushi

Yesterday was like Christmas when my mom arrived for her visit! She brought me bags of goodies from home with some more clothes, movies, kitchen gadgets, and a set of weights…then stocked me up even more with a fun trip to Target. I felt spoiled ;)

We spent the night downtown, for the Art Walk, where local shops and business promote local art galleries. My mom and I are pretty clueless when it comes to art. My favorite “piece” was this festive gem:

Think you’ll be seeing these at Victoria’s Secret soon?? This gallery was a collection of funky and spunky homemade “bras” that went towards breast cancer awareness foundations. We loved seeing so many people out and about downtown!

After walking around for about an hour, we were pretty hungry. I had sushi on my mind all week, and apparently everyone else in town did too because we had a one hour wait. WORTH IT:

My mom and I split two rolls – the Autumn Roll and Godzilla Roll. The Autumn Roll had sweet potato! You know how much I love my sweet potato… It also had raw tuna. I was a little nervous, but I’m alive and well today. ;)

And some veggies make it a complete meal!

Loving having my mom here and enjoying some time off-campus :)

Paper Cup Pick-Me-Up

Today’s caffeination came in the form of an Iced Tazo Passion Tea, just as bright as today is shaping up to be! (That sounded a lot cornier than I intended.)

My mom is coming up to my school for a visit tomorrow, so last night I made her a canvas painting to liven up her desk at work. Just a little whimsical and colorful decorative piece. With the passion tea and sudden urge to paint, I got to thinking about where inspiration comes from. For me, there are many people who inspire me to be healthier, fitter, happier. I know as girls, we tend to compare ourselves to others but I think it’s healthy to aspire to those around us who are more successful at things than we are. I’ll share first:

  • Taralynn at Undressed Skeleton inspires me to bake healthy! She’s always recreating delicious desserts with less fat, sugar, calories, etc.
  • Lauren Conrad inspires me to put together cute outfits and matching accessories.
  • My leg workouts are inspired by Carrie Underwood (that girl is toned!)
  • I will forever be aspiring to Jillian Michael’s Abs.
  • To be as comfortable with my body shape as Miranda Lambert
  • To be as disciplined in my workout plan as any professional athlete

Now it’s your turn. :) Who inspires you and why?

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