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Paper Cup Pick-Me-Up

Today’s caffeination came in the form of an Iced Tazo Passion Tea, just as bright as today is shaping up to be! (That sounded a lot cornier than I intended.)

My mom is coming up to my school for a visit tomorrow, so last night I made her a canvas painting to liven up her desk at work. Just a little whimsical and colorful decorative piece. With the passion tea and sudden urge to paint, I got to thinking about where inspiration comes from. For me, there are many people who inspire me to be healthier, fitter, happier. I know as girls, we tend to compare ourselves to others but I think it’s healthy to aspire to those around us who are more successful at things than we are. I’ll share first:

  • Taralynn at Undressed Skeleton inspires me to bake healthy! She’s always recreating delicious desserts with less fat, sugar, calories, etc.
  • Lauren Conrad inspires me to put together cute outfits and matching accessories.
  • My leg workouts are inspired by Carrie Underwood (that girl is toned!)
  • I will forever be aspiring to Jillian Michael’s Abs.
  • To be as comfortable with my body shape as Miranda Lambert
  • To be as disciplined in my workout plan as any professional athlete

Now it’s your turn. :) Who inspires you and why?

Dorm Sweet Dorm

It’s been almost a month since I moved back to school, but only a week with my new roommate, Fernanda. She moved in last weekend after we met at the start of this semester, and we seemed like more compatible roommates. We both share a love for organization and tidiness but our room was a little plain with the big blank white walls.  I wanted some fun and some color:

First, I had 8 of my favorite photographs printed in black and white – 4 vertical and 4 horizontal. I posted them above my bed. Since my room colors are black, white, red and gray, these circular designs for wall art were a perfect find!

Then on Wednesday, I was feeling suddenly inspired. I wanted some “art” for the walls, and I’ve always wanted to try painting. I’ve never actually painted a picture since finger painting in elementary school, but I bought myself some 8×10 canvases, 10 different color paints and 4 different paint brushes.

Since I only have one class on Fridays, I spent the afternoon making two original paintings to hang above my bed. I am totally an amateur and have no painting experience, so of course they are a little cartoon-y and silly but now I have two things I LOVE decorating my walls…Coffee and Elephants :D

Ellie <3

I came up with what I wanted in my head, penciled the outline of the elephant and just had fun with the rest. The coffee I completely free-handed because that one was a little bit easier. It was a fun project to work on and now my room is a little less plain. Starting to feel a little more like home <3

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