Fruit Photoshoot

We have so much fresh fruit in our kitchen right now, I wanted to dedicate a post to my fondness of fruit. I realized as I was staging this ‘fruit photoshoot’ what a health NUT I had become. It was at the point where I complimented the pear that I really questioned my sanity…

Nonetheless, as they say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I’ve had enough doctors for the last month but I’m not sure if this hearty piece of produce can do anything about that. Apples ARE however one of my favorite fruits to snack on and they are in season all year long.

My dad eats more fruit than anyone I know. In his lunch cooler (like mine!) he packs 6-7 pieces of fruit every day for work. Holy Health! And I have to tell you – he rarely ever gets sick! Maybe one cold a year. Never a flu, never an infection. He’s a pretty healthy dude.

Fruits are higher in calories and sugar than vegetables so it’s better to get your servings from a combination of each. However – I’m not a dietician or anything – but I think a piece of fruit as a snack sure beats the office candy bowl! Besides, when has a piece of fruit ever made anyone fat??

Peaches and Apples and Pears, Oh My!

Some things you can do with your summer produce:

Put in in your oatmeal!

Top a greek yogurt cheesecake!

Make a fruity salsa!

Bake healthy vegan treats!

Other Important Info: Starting THURSDAY my blog’s web address will change to – I am dropping the extra “.wordpress”. :) So if you like my blog, please share with your friends! Have a fruity Tuesday! (Did I just say that..?)


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  1. Your “fruity” inspirations are clever, humorous and refreshing. I’m so tired of seeing anything and everything BACON flavored; it’s great to see so much health inspired information. Keep up the amazing work!!

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