Girls Shopping Day + A Cooler Lunch

Officially 2 weeks from the first day of sophomore year, which means Back to School Sales are in full-bloom and I have last semester’s paychecks still burning a hole in my pocket.  My mom and I always have fun shopping and usually devote a whole day to store-hop to our hearts’ content.

The food courts or restaurants don’t really appeal to us. We don’t eat greasy heavy food at home, so why would we when we are out?  We packed our own lunch and snacks in a cooler to enjoy in between stores! We left the house at 9, taking a mug of coffee. But it warmed up well in to the 100s and we were thankful for a cold lunch and ice cold drinks.

The “To-Go” Menu

Travel food! On the menu: We shared a turkey and spinach sandwich on Orowheat bread with mustard, a bag of apple slices, and bell pepper slices. For a crunchy snack, rice crisps (BBQ flavor) and later we split a Lemon Zest Luna Bar (we love our luna bars!).

It was a good amount of food to have throughout the day & we definitely didn’t have the urge to splurge on any fat, I mean fast, food.

HYDRATION: It was a scorcher and we needed to stay hydrated to stay energized so we filled a giant cooler jug with iced Tazo passion tea & another tumbler with water.

I’m ready to SHOP!

Not only did we save a ton of calories, we saved money as well! (More to spend on a new pair of sunglasses right?!) Besides, who wants the bloated feeling after eating a burger and fries when going shopping and trying on new pairs of jeans and dresses?

It was a successful outing and I can’t wait to start wearing some of my new finds in a couple of weeks!

A sample of my purchases during back to college shopping :) I couldn’t resist the owl mug!

Have a happy healthy Monday!

GOOD NEWS: I will be dropping some “baggage” & changing the URL of my site to starting Thursday! (No more after Thursday!)

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  1. Sharon Estes/ Grandma

    Sounds like a fun day. Cute outfits you found.

  2. What a brilliant Ideal I never thought of this!

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