Aqua-Jogging: Refreshing Summer Work Out

Summer vacation is winding down, time to soak up the sun. On this 100+ degree day, I was grateful to have my friend Bre’s pool to cool off in (last week Bre & I made these cookies).  If you have a pool, this will be the easiest workouts to accomplish. I’d imagine you’d be swimming anyways; why not get some cardio in?!

The pool session began with leisure swimming and tanning. I came prepared!

AQUA JOGGING: maintaining a jogging position and motion while staying afloat in water with or without a floatation device. It’s a low impact alternative that reduces stress on joints.

Your legs will be moving like you are pedaling a bicycle, while you pump your arms back and forth, keeping your back tall and abs engaged. It truly is a full body workout and is an excellent interval exercise. While your legs and arms will be moving quickly, your body will not travel through the water that fast. It’s about effort, not speed.

This looks more intimidating than it really is. The easy swims are your recovery in between sets of aqua jogging, and you will notice it is 50% of the previous interval’s length of time.

The effectiveness of the workout comes from the intensity of your jogging motion; rapid arm and leg movement will bring your heart rate right up!

*Think of the 5 minute intervals as your 3 mile running pace effort.

The 3 minute intervals = 1 mile running effort.

1 minute intervals = all out sprint. Gain as much ground as you can!

BONUS: you can’t tell you’re breaking a sweat when you’re in the water!

Of course we had to take advantage of the weather and soak up some sun in the backyard. We even had company from Bre’s puppy Levi!










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  1. Awesome work-out while playing post!!

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