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So much for “Staycation”

Spring Break officially started on Friday. How else would I start my vacation but with a 14 mile run? I made it through the looooong outting (1 hour 45 minutes) by repeating the same 8 songs over and over and over. My iPod has 1,299 songs but I have my go-to’s when I need serious motivation.  Since I have to run by myself, I opted to skip water and fuel this time (going against all running advice, I know) which I don’t want to do again. This weekend I’ll have a running buddy, but the next 9 long runs I’ll need to enlist a friend to ride a bike next to me. Accepting applications now ;)

I stretched, iced my quads and refueled with some good ole’ chocolate milk afterwards though. And yes, that is frozen edamame on my legs. When you don’t have ice, you make substitutes and if peas are A-OK then why not soy beans?!

Long Run Recovery on Strong Like My CoffeeLast post, I mentioned my “staycation” plans for this Spring Break. But then I remembered something….. I don’t like being cold, alone, or sedentary for too long. Sooo after my long run, I packed myself up and headed west. Senior year has made me more spontaneous. Southern California greeted me with 92 BEAUTIFUL DEGREES. I might not leave.

Grilling dinner on the barbeque, wearing a tank and sandals, and sleeping with the window open. IT FEELS LIKE SUMMER.

Grilling Lean and Greens |

I’ve been here less than 24 hours and already the sunshine and seafood and company have made me 100% happier. Even though it’s Spring Break, fitness and nutrition are still priorities. It’s actually easier to workout and eat whole nutritious foods on vacation because we aren’t stressed or busy or exhausted from work. This morning I even treated myself to some brand new Asics, which I immediately broke in on a 7 mile run. My feet felt like they were running on clouds because I’d worn my old pair down so much through this marathon training.

New Asics for marathon training at Strong Like My Coffee |

On the agenda for tomorrow morning is a long bike ride down my favorite running path, a gym date and the rest is TBD. Just how I like it :)

P.S. THIS song came on during our shopping outting today and we learned what H.A.A.M. stands for. Apparently it is not Hard As A Muscle…