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Abs with Adam Levine

Maroon 5’s new song One More Time was on replay for this morning’s ab routine. There are definitely worse things than waking up to Adam Levine’s voice ;)

Blasted through another circuit of core exercises before classes, which makes me feel productive during my long mornings!  The workout looked something like this:

1 minute basic crunch, 1 minute right crunch, 1 minute left crunch. Bicycles, leg raises, Russians. Repeat. Side crunches, basic crunch, scissors.

It took 4 songs to get through; music makes doing any exercise so much easier.

I definitely have pumpkin obsession right now, so my power breakfast for today’s full class load was a super autumn-y pumpkin spice oatmeal:

I added non-fat milk, banana slices and extra cinnamon. (You can never get too much cinnamon!) I can’t wait to make a pumpkin oatmeal from scratch using real pumpkin like the tons featured on Pinterest.

If you’re a pumpkin lover like me, you might like this Homemade Pumpkin Spice Creamer!

Group Fitness: Pilates!

With so many group fitness classes, intramural sports, active clubs, and beautiful scenery, it’s pretty difficult to not  get in some form of exercise at my school. Amazingly, though, there is a large portion of the population who doesn’t take advantage of all these great opportunities, and they are truly missing out. Fitness is proven to be beneficial in academic areas too because it improves mood, memory and brain function. Just do it!

One of my friends Chelsea is an instructor for a fitness class here on campus– Pilates! Monday night I grabbed a friend to come with me and headed over after dinner. I honestly have never taken a Pilates class. I’ve done yoga, zumba, spin, boot camp, body works, step, and kickboxing class but never pilates. One more thing I can cross off the list!

These classes are fun because there’s always other newbies and beginners there. You shouldn’t feel self-conscious about your athletic ability because everyone is there to have fun and enjoy their workout!

(I only got the giggles once!)

This was a mellow-style pilates with lots of breathing and stretching, and some Jack Johnson music playing in the background. I liked it, and I plan on making it a weekly thing! I felt like I stretched my whole body while working out individual muscles in the feet, legs, and core.

Since this class is only once a week, I tried to remember some of the things that I could do on my own a few more days a week:

  • Hip Bridges
  • Hip Bridge with alternating leg lifts
  • Superman (back hyper-extensions)
  • One-leg circles (lay on your back, one knee bent; draw large circles rightward and leftward with your straightened leg)
  • SLOW bicycles with inhale/exhales

If you’re on a college campus, I bet they offer these same classes. Honestly, you won’t regret finding one hour of your time to try a new workout class :)


Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza

I don’t know how it is Monday already. I feel like we got ripped off with this weekend, just not enough time. This week is set to be a good one though… in just three short days, Grey’s Anatomy returns! I watched the first 3 seasons over summer, the good ole days with George and Izzy ;)

So we’re four weeks into the semester and on-campus meals are starting to wear on me. I pretty much only go to the “cafeteria” with friends, more for a social thing than actual dining preferences. I would much rather eat something healthy I made for myself.

For a nice break, my roommate and I bought a Boboli Whole Wheat pizza crust, some tomato pizza sauce, reduced fat cheese, spinach, purple onion, tomato and bell pepper to make our own loaded-veggie pizza and salad!

After you chop all of the vegetables, it’s super easy to make (Just throw it in the oven at 450 for 10 minutes) and 12 times better than another buffet-style dinner of blah salad and boring sides. We had fun making the pizza and playing some cards in the empty dorm kitchen :)

Playing cards reminds me of camping : )

I know pizza doesn’t sound like the healthiest option but it can actually be a good balance of whole wheat carbs, veggies and vitamins when you minimize the cheese and cut out the extra grease and fat from chain-restaurant slices. I feel better about my diet when I’m in charge of what goes in my meals, and the more veggies the better. Next time I would definitely add some pineapple!

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