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Sunday Summer Training Summary + Sky Zone!

I feel like I just finished writing last week’s Sunday summary, can summer please slow down? Monday through Friday, it sometimes seems like all I do is work and work out. I was beyond ready for this weekend! My friend Chelsea and I had planned on meeting up at Sky Zone Trampoline Park near her house yesterday but I ended up staying with her family and making a whole weekend out of it.

Chelsea and I met freshman year after we both joined the Student Health Advisory Committee and shared a love for fitness and Pinterest along with a general hatred for campus dining. During school we’d always meet up to do something active like rock climbing, pilates and zumba. An afternoon playing at the trampoline park fits our usual pattern. (Our next adventure: surfing.)

Chelsea and me at Sky Zone ( Zone was so much bigger than I expected; we started with “Cageball” and finished with “Sky Slam” which further validated the fact that I have no basketball skills whatsoever, on or off a trampoline surface.  My favorite part was racing back and forth on the main court, a grid of trampoline squares. That’s a workout! We even got a pair of super snazzy special trampoline shoes that were conveniently cropped out of pictures…

Trampolining at Sky Zone ( we were all bounced out we headed to the grocery store because we were cooking her family dinner…pizza! We made a couple varieties including Whole Wheat BBQ Chicken and a Veggie Marinara; her family thought they were fantastic (or at least they were polite enough to say so… ;) )

Today we started the morning making a batch of buckwheat blueberry pancakes followed by a  Starbucks stop. 1 grande americano with sugar-free vanilla and 1 tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte later, we were ready to hit up the pool.  Chelsea’s playlist has quite the variety so we swam and tanned to the tunes of Jack Johnson, The Beatles, Ke$ha, and Simple Plan. Plus took some suuuuuuuper cute underwater pics….not.

Goofball underwater pic ( now for this upcoming week of training. We are officially above 70 miles/week! I’m having to get a little more creative every week fitting more and more in…

Summer training schedule July 8

72 miles in 7 days means over an hour of running every single day. Because this takes up so much time, I will just have to fit in form drills, strides, stretching, ab routines and upper body weight sessions where ever I can. This schedule is a really optimistic view of how I am hoping the week turns out but doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for things outside of work and working out. (Do you know how happy it would make me to have a gym at work? Seriously, lunch hours would be so much more productive!)

Fitting in my miles is a main priority but if joining some friends for frozen yogurt means giving up an after-work abs session, I will gladly make that sacrifice. Summer is already half over and as much as I love training, I would like to be able to say I did more than run in these three months, ya know? ;)