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Up in the Trees

Driving around Arizona CollageNever underestimate the cathartic power of an open highway.

And no, I did not take any of these pictures while driving ;)

Whether it’s 15 miles or 150 miles away, getting out of the college campus for a while is a much-needed vacation. I spent the first four days of spring break with one of my best friends Chelsea & there is literally never a dull moment.

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Some kids like to get day-wasted during spring break. We like to climb trees in the rain. :) We spent the better part of the day “hanging” out in the forest. At one point we hung 61 ft. off the ground. Our rain dance brought some hail along the way. Just made it that much more hard core. ;)

The course was a serious balance exercise. Some of the obstacles had us hanging upside down and pulling ourselves across a rope. Others had us hopping on a suspended skateboard and gliding through the air.

flg xtreme skateboard

And all five courses ended with a zip line. For some reason roller coasters terrify me, but putting my weight on a metal clip suspended between two trees is perfectly acceptable.

Zip Line at Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course (

Chelsea & I met in SHAC freshman year of college & immediately bonded over an interest in health/nutrition. After sophomore year she transferred to ASU. Lack of snow was a main appeal ;) I don’t blame her! We pointed out that all of our visits are full of activities like going rock climbing, jumping around the trampoline gym, swimming, bowling, hiking, and now zip lining. AND THAT’S THE WAY WE LIKE IT.

The next day was a Sedona Adventure (am I sick of that place yet? Never.) & I’ll save for another post.