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Detox Day 1

A few years ago, my mom followed the “From Couch to 5k” program for running. Well I am currently on the “From 10k to Couch” program for the next two weeks. Because running is a year-round sport, it’s important to take a couple weeks of a break between track and cross country. It keeps us from getting burned out later in the season, and is also important to prevent overuse injuries. So I’ve been in bed all morning…I’m taking this rest thing seriously! ;)

Conference 10k 2013 (

Missy doesn't mind rest week either.

Missy doesn’t mind rest week either.

After my conference 10k, I went into rest mode. That meant cutting 50-70 miles a week to ZERO. So an important part of the transition from track season to summer is nutrition. In season we burn hundreds of calories with daily and twice-daily workouts. Cutting workouts = cutting calories.

I don’t like the work “diet” so I’m currently on a DETOX. School, traveling and competing was stressful. Our meals were full of bread, pasta, dessert, and snacks. It’s time to undo all the damage with extra fruits and vegetables, tons of water and minimal processed food/desserts.

Carpet Picnic spread ( cannot get enough fruit, veggies and vitamins in my body this week! This isn’t some kind of extreme diet plan and I’m not cutting out any food groups completely, just making sure meals are full of nutrients and snacks are in moderation. Here is my meal plan for today:

Detox Day One Meal Plan from stronglikemycoffee.comThis menu is so colorful, especially when you mix up the different bell peppers and fruits. Another big component of the detox is WATER. I’ve got a giant tumbler filled next to me at all times, and as soon as it runs out I fill it right back up. Water, fresh produce and less stress from school & sports makes me feel so much better/more energized. The problem is, I have all this energy and no exercise! :P

Back to job hunting for me!

College Girl’s Meal Plan

Since my College Girl’s Grocery Guide became so popular on Pinterest I am continuing with a similar topic: meal plan.

I sincerely believe the best way to maintain a healthy diet is to pre-plan every day’s meal. Lots of times I do this the night before (after I’m full from dinner) on the post-it sticky notes on my laptop. I plan my breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks and sometimes dessert. But it only works if you commit to eat what you’ve planned, instead of impulse calorie-bombs like pizza or ice cream.

Now that it’s almost the start of a new year, and a new semester if you are in school, it seems like a good time to clean up some eating habits. And a lot of time, people eat junk food because they want something quick and available. Which is usually nothing super healthy. So here is a basic list of easy, healthy meals that are nutritious and affordable:

College Girls Meal Plan from

Another good reason to plan out each day’s meals ahead of time is to be able to make a grocery list and have every ingredient you need on hand. If you’ve got a meal plan and a grocery list, you won’t even need to walk down the ice cream aisle because it’s not on your list! ;)

I didn’t include snacks on this list, but I’ve got plenty of light snacks on my Healthy Study Snacks Page:

Healthy Study Snack List from

As for dessert:  I definitely can’t say that I skip dessert every night. And that is also why there is not ice cream in our house! Because when there is, I will eat it.

  • Some night’s at school, I’ll make a bowl of oatmeal after dinner.
  • Other times at home, we’ll pop some light popcorn to go with a movie.
  • I think sticking a fat-free yogurt in the freezer for half an hour is also a yummy treat :)
  • And so is frozen banana slices with peanut butter!
  • Lots of nights I’ll enjoy a decaf coffee with yummy creamer.
  • But sometimes you just need chocolate….Dove dark chocolate squares are my favorite.

Basically, if you have the day’s meals all planned out you will be less tempted to reach for the candy bowl or order the pastry at the coffee shop because it isn’t on your agenda! And before you order anything from a restaurant, you should check out the calorie content first – you might just be shocked.

  • Typical restuarant salad entree: Around 1,100 calories (Almost 2/3 your daily needs!)
  • Typical coffee shop muffin: 550 calories (Add in the latte and that will take an hour on the treadmill to burn off)
  • Typical restaurant pasta dish: 1,200 calories

College Girls Meal Plan from stronglikemycoffee.comPin the meal plan here:

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