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Biscuits (It’ll make sense later)

This morning I woke up at 4:00am. Try as I might, my body was not going back to sleep. I made myself lay there until 5:15. It reminded me of when I was a toddler and my parents put a clock next to my bed, teaching me to wait until 6:00am to get up on weekends ;)

Around 5:30 I was sipping my first cup of coffee. Now I have a few extra hours in my morning that I didn’t expect, so here I am. Thought I would put together one more spring break post before I break into some new territory with projects I’m working on for next week. A lot of my California friends have different spring break schedules and many are on vacation now, so I feel like it’s still appropriate to bask in the spring-y-ness one more time :)

Any college kid will tell you one of the best parts about coming home is family dinners. If not, then A.) they are lying or B.) their momma’s homecooking left a lot to be desired… (insert smirky emoji here). Healthy Food Collage on Strong Like My Coffee (

You go 18 years eating the same kinds of dinners at home with your family, until suddenly you’re living on your own. Dining halls, communal kitchens, take-out, fast food, delivery, cooking for yourself….it’s just not the same. I’ve come a long way in following recipes and recreating family favorites, but eating by yourself in a tiny apartment will never compare to eating at home.

In 9 days, we only went to a restaurant once. My parents had LOADED UP on produce at my request (well, they usually do anyways) and we had the most colorful dinners.

Healthy Dinners on

I told myself that I was completely inspired to return from spring break and start cooking similar colorful balanced meals……and then I went and got three sushi rolls. It’s a work in progress.

My dad pumped up the tires in our bikes so that I could take a leisure ride around town and he could ride with me on my Sunday long run for the marathon training. I probably spent more time snapping pictures than pedaling. 90 degrees feels like heaven after a frigid Flagstaff winter.

Bike Path in Spring on Stronglikemycoffee.comAnd of course the sea-level (extra-oxygenated!) air did wonders for my marathon training. I was able to get in another great Yasso 800s workout on Wednesday, some cross training, and a killer long run. I set out for 15 miles on my favorite running path at home. This time, I had water and fuel along the way! I used the Vega gel for the first time, which is made with dates, water and grape juice rather than straight sugar like other brands. I felt better about putting something a little more “natural” in my body during the run…..but it didn’t taste great. Seemed to do the trick though because I ran my last couple of miles at 7:00 pace, averaging 7:18 overall.

(Yes, I used a picture from my Warrior Dash Race haha)

Marathon Training Long Run Stats on Strong Like My Coffee at

Also got to spend some quality time with my girl Missy….HAH whattajoke. That maltese of ours has grown quite comfortable being the “only child” now that I’ve been gone off and on for four years. She onced used to cuddle and love me. Now she has a jealous side whenever I visit my parents. She literally pouts when I take my mom’s attention away from her. (This is coming from a spoiled only-child herself.) She did watch me as I curled my hair, trying to imitate Miranda Lambert’s from the pool scene in her Little Red Wagon music video. Nailed Failed it!

Profiles (literally.)

Well this turned into a pretty random hodgepodge of pictures and tangents, didn’t it? Might as well add in a new jam that I’m loving!

*I’ll throw something more organized/themed at you next time. This is what you get at dark:thirty in the morning! <3

Kacey Musgraves, Queen of Country Cool, has been on my playlist since I heard her hit Follow Your Arrow. Biscuits is actually pretty similar, and equally adorable. Good message and reminder to stay focused on myself during the last weeks of college. We need less negative comparisons in our lives because that is just stressful. “Pouring salt in my sugar won’t make yours any sweeter.” Hope you enjoy it as I do. :)

What were/are your Spring Break highlights?!

Follow Your Arrow —–>

Today I should be studying for a very important final but I had to get this post up.

This past year has been revolutionary for me and my outlook on life. One year ago I was in New York, undergoing my second surgery at the Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York. I had overly-optimistic expectations of the outcome and had to accept the fact that “perfection” is not realistic.

In the past year I have learned something.

** Disclaimer ** This is more of a reminder to myself, more than anything. I know everyone has their insecurities and I’m sure other girls can relate in some way though.

So BASICALLY…..self-confidence (even if you have to fake it), a positive outlook in most situations, a sense of humor, and genuine compassion for other people will override any flawed features. There are so many people out there who look beyond physical imperfections. I spent a good deal of time trying to cover up my scars and only show my “good side” but was amazed to find that true friends love the WHOLE you.

This year brought a lot of “firsts” for me. I stepped out of my comfort zone, tried a lot of new things (some better than others) and  had a more open mind about a lot of situations. I became a lot less judgmental of different lifestyles, even if they were not suitable for me. This song comes on my iPod at least once a day and I sincerely love it. You speak the truth, Kacey Musgraves :)

Got a hard decision? Guess what. YOU WILL ALWAYS DISAPPOINT SOMEONE. So you should make sure that person is not yourself.

I’m not embarrassed of the fact that I will go to a party and stay completely sober. My arrow points to avoiding hangovers the night before a long run ;) I’m also not a huge fan of social media, hard boiled eggs, or leggings as pants. But if that’s your thing…you follow that arrow, girlfriend. No judgements. :)

I guess what I’m trying to say is..

Your moral compass will point in you the right direction.

And just one more because  Pinterest is just so full of wisdom ;)

Smile, beautiful :)