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Senior Year Shenanigans: Lumberjack Gone Sun Devil

El Hefe Selfie with the ASU Crew  Stronglikemycoffee.comLife Update: Four years of college will conclude at the graduation ceremony this Friday afternoon! I’m absolutely ready to dawn the cap n’ gown and celebrate with my family. Graduation has been a long-awaited close to my chapter in this sleepy mountain town, but not an occasion that should pass without taking full advantage of this past LAST WEEKEND OF COLLEGE. The downtown scene in Flagstaff has been the source of many fun nights this year, but I hoped for something a little less hipster-hobo for this particular outting.

Soooooo I became an honorary Sun Devil as I stayed with my friends who attend ASU in Tempe, AZ! We had all been talking about craving a good fun weekend where we could DRESS UP, have a couple drinks, dance, karaoke if the opportunity arose, play some pool, make some new friends, and enjoy the warm weather.

Night out in Downtown Tempe

Drinking martinis and shooting pool: I am better at one of these things than the other. (Why can’t we get points for sinking the white ball in a pocket?)

We started our night on Mill Ave. at El Hefe, where we had about 8 tattoos less than everyone else there. I felt like we needed some black fish net tights to fit in (can you imagine!?) :) We got a table though, and I split a Mamacita Margarita with another girl in our group. We were pacing ourselves because we had planned to hop from place to place! The next bar had a pool hall in the back, so we took our martinis to the tables and played a few games. I love playing games when we go out, like the Cards Against Humanity at the Wine Loft or darts at a local Flagstaff bar.

Other noteworthy stops include the Underground Bar where two piano players took requests (they were playing ‘Baby Got Back’ when we walked in) for karaoke singers, and Moonshine the country bar (my personal favorite for the atmosphere/music.)

We finally called it a night around 3am. My body just doesn’t sleep in, so I was still awake a little after 8am with one thing on my mind: COFFEE. We made a Starbucks run and sat by the pool because 90 degree weather is such a treat for me ;)

3 iced coffees poolside  Stronglikemycoffee.comTaking so much time off from studying the week before finals is not typical for me….I’m a straight A student/perfectionist with a tendency to make extra trips to the library and late night study sessions during this time. But I put in the work all semester long and I’m feeling pretty confident going in to finals week. I would totally regret it if my last memories of college were just a blur of papers and presentations. Now I have plenty of sunshine and new friends in my memory bank to pull me through these last four days!

More motivated than ever. Happy studying, friends! :)

Last weekend of college collage

Using the Weekend to Set Your Week Up for Success

Last night I was thinking about how much I dreaded Sunday nights when I was younger. I always have the most difficulty falling asleep on Sunday nights, just want to hold on to the weekend as long as possible I guess. Do you remember when they had the special Sunday Night Family Movie on ABC. It started at like 7 o’ clock, and I remember checking the TV Guide the old fashioned way…in the newspaper.

Now I usually use my Sunday nights to be productive with little tasks that will help take away some of the chores during the week. Today, I did three loads of laundry, dusted and tidied my bedroom and bathroom, and got some fruit washed and ready for the week. Little things can really make a difference in helping your week go smoothly so here are some ways that we can help set up our week for success. This is another one of those posts where the blog transitions from its “health and fitness” theme to “all things domestic” theme.

Using your weekend to set your week up for success

  • Check the weather: It’s just nice to know what to expect.
  • Plan out your work/school outfits accordingly: I pick out five complete outfits and hang them at the front of my closet. If they need ironing, do it all at once during the weekend!
  • Produce Prepping: Some people do complete meal prepping, but I’d rather eat food that is freshly prepared each day. However washing and chopping fruits and veggies, as well as portioning and packaging fruits for snacks cuts down on cooking and lunch-packing during the week. I like to bag up apple slices, grapes, berries, and bell pepper slices.
  • Sweat: I always say that it’s easier to exercise on the weekends than weekdays. I don’t waste my “rest day” on a Saturday or Sunday, because these days generally have more flexibility. Find some time to get in a workout, that way if you have to skip a workout during the week it’s not detrimental. Today, my workout was actually my “break time” from a term paper I’ve been working on. I was stalling going back home and my legs felt pretty good so I ended up running 11.11 miles (because I like ending on “good” numbers haha).
  • Laundry & Linens: Working out every day really fills up the laundry hamper fast. Trying to squeeze in laundry during the week can be difficult (especially when you have roommates who always seem to use the washer/dryer on the same day) so use the time you’ll be at home during the weekend to get it all done. Sheets and towels should be washed once a week too, might as well give yourself some fresh fluffy sheets to crawl into on the dreaded Sunday night.
  • Stock Up: During the week, I use the “notes” page on my iPhone to write down little things that are running out. That way, I can make one trip to Target to get them all at once. Currently, I have hand soap, dryer sheets, Listerine tabs, paper towels, makeup remover, and coffee on my list. But that’s because coffee is on all of my lists ;)
  • Plan your Workout Schedule: “Failure to plan is planning to fail” is forever locked in my brain thanks to my high school cross country coach. We are more likely to hit the gym or tackle that workout if it is pre-planned, including place and time.
  • Clear the Clutter: Take it from me. When you are in the middle of a busy and stressful week, a sink full of dishes and a counter full of clutter can just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If on Sunday night, your sink is empty, the clutter is cleaned up and the floors are cleaned, it will make a difference in helping your week go more smoothly.
  • Unwind: Relax and enjoy the last few moments of your weekend so that you can go into Monday with a fresh face and positive attitude. Last night, I had a low-key evening in my apartment so I lit a candle, brewed decaf coffee, played Lady Antebellum, and gave myself a facial.

Using Sunday Night to Set Your Week up for Success *New Blog Post* | Stronglikemycoffee.comThat’s my list so far. And spoiler alert, I also spent my Sunday night typing up this blog post. Which helped take away from the list of things to do on Monday morning. So you see, I practice what I preach ;)

What other weekend/Sunday Night “chores” do you do?