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“If you can dodge a wrench…”

Recently, our training schedule has moved Sunday Long Runs to Saturday mornings, and I’m not sure how my legs feel about it. Fridays are usually hard track workouts, and a 12-14 mile long run within 24 hours is a little rough. This morning I knew I’d need a little something extra to get through.

Long Run Energy Gel ( way in, my running buddy and I both took our gel packs for some extra carbohydrate & caffeine energy. Personally, wasn’t a fan of the Power Bar Energy Gel and I couldn’t finish the whole thing. Tooooooooo sweet! I would much rather have something less sugary tasting. However we did manage to get through a windy, hilly 12 miles in 1 hour and 36 minutes, 8:00/mile so it must have done the trick.

After the out-and-back run along a gorgeous winding road, a few of my cross country teammates and I got ready for the “Jocks vs. Joes Dodgeball Tournament,” an annual event put on by our Student Athlete Committee. Teams show up in costumes, though not as snazzy as the ones from the Dodgeball movie.

Dodgeball Rules

I’m not sure who created the bracket but we were seriously at a disadvantage when the first round put us up against 5  football players. Even our sprinting skills couldn’t help us. Needless to say, we did not advance to the final bracket. Dodgeball Girls (

There’s always next year!

Have you tried any energy products during long runs? Reviews?