Independence Day! Skinny Cherry Berry Pie

Did you remember to hang up your American Flag this morning? 4th of July falling on a Thursday means a day off of work…..translation: sleeping in after the sun rises. Waking up to broad daylight and being lazy with a cup of coffee is the ideal way to begin the day celebrating being an American ;)

Cherry and Apple pies are American classics, my inspiration for this quick and easy Independence Day dessert. Skinny Cherry Berry “Pies” made from a frozen cherry berry blend bag with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and cherries. Summertime fruit is like candy!

Sweet, single-serve, and perfectly Red, White & Blue(berry).

Skinny Cherry Berry Pies (

These are skinny mini single-serve “pies” that aren’t pies at all but totally pass as dessert because they are warm and cute.

(The star shape of the tortilla is made with the Perfect Tortilla Bowl Maker, and yes that’s totally an “as-seen-on-tv” product. Worth all $9.99!)

The bowl is made out of a whole wheat tortilla (50 calories) lightly sprayed with Pam and sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar. It bakes in the bowl for 7 minutes before cooling, while the cherry berry blend warms up in the oven. My favorite part – the warm berry juice! Messssssy.

Serve berries in the cinnamony tortilla bowl and top with whip cream, vanilla greek yogurt, or just plain ole’ ice cream. (We used Cool Whip!)

Easy as pie ;) (where did that expression come from?)

Whole Wheat Cherry Berry 4th of July Dessert ( approximately 150 calories. Average slice of apple pie with ice cream, on the other hand? 530 calories. If you plan on hitting up the beach or pool this weekend, you’ll be thankful for the alternative to a heavy apple pie a la mode. Fresh/frozen fruit + whole grains, not only are they bikini-approved but the antioxidants will help protect your skin from damaging elements….but don’t forget your sunscreen!

Time to catch the latest episode of “American Ninja Warrior”…that’s true patriotism right there.

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  1. Sharon/Grandma Estes

    Happy 4th of July, your pie looks yummy. Have a great 4th and say hi to Mom & Dad.

  2. Happy Fourth Kenzie!
    In my hometown we ran the Peachtree Road Race today to celebrate America. If you’re ever in Atlanta, you really should try it. It’s 6.2 miles of pure fun, not so much a race for time as it is a celebration of our country (though you can be seeded – Kenyans or Ethiopians usually win with ridiculous times, and the winner in each division gets $60,000 dollars, so that’s pretty cool).
    The mini pies sound so yummy – thanks for sharing! It’s cool that they’re still healthy and easy to make. Can’t wait to try!

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