Sunday Summer Training Summary – June 30

Another week down, another 64 miles in the books. This morning concluded the training week with a 12-mile long run at the same beautiful bike trail as last weekend. But this morning I had some company!

In high school, I would run at practice with the boys’ cross country team. The top 4 varsity boys and I covered many miles together, dozens of track work outs and lots & lots of long runs. With the amount of hours we spent running together all over town, we bonded pretty quickly. We were “The Five.”

The Five ( of us are running for our university’s now, each in a different state. But during the summers, I have my old high school running buddies back! We each follow different training schedules per our coaches, however a long run on Sunday is pretty standard across the board. This morning, 4/5th’s of The Five reunited for an EARLY morning out-and-back on the Santa Ana River Trail.

The Five reunion run (

(Who needs an ipod when you run with these guys?!)

Unfortunately only two of us made it the whole distance; our pace has definitely quickened since high school. My friend Matt and I covered 12.1 miles in 1 hour, 27 minutes (approx 7:15 per mile). All before 8:00am. On a Sunday. I sense a nap coming soon…..

This upcoming week’s training is not much different from the last two weeks, just increasing some mid-week days for a grand total of 68 miles. I plan to take full advantage of having 4th of July off work to get in a good one at the park!

August 1-7 training schedule

One notable exception to this week’s schedule is the “Upper Body Weights” at the gym….I usually use free weight/dumbbells or machines, but want to start working with my dad to incorporate bars for chest, shoulder, tricep and back exercises. Coming from a girl who couldn’t bench press the (45 lb.) bar when I first got my gym membership, I think it’s important to try new exercises and challenge yourself! I’m still working on the pull-ups…

Now it’s Sunday afternoon, 106 degrees outside, and I’m done with exercising for the day. Sounds like a good time for frozen yogurt to meeee ;)

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