Last College Weekend of 2012!

Amidst crazy hours of studying, I fit in plenty of time away from the books over the weekend – the last college weekend of 2012! I am done with my sophomore Fall semester on Thursday, then starts Winter Break!

Our school threw a Winter Carnival on Friday night which was so much fun :) We played laser tag, rode a mechanical bull, made many trips through the inflatable obstacle course, and the photo booth.

Riding the Mechanical Bull (

This thing is killer! My legs were shaking afterwards, since you mainly use your legs to keep stable on the bull. Sign me up for the rodeo!

Radical Run Obstacle Course (

I WANT ONE OF THESE IN MY BACK YARD! It’s an obstacle course with 2 sides to race a friend up a rope ladder, through “tires” around barriers, in tunnels, up another long ladder and down the slide. My friend Alyssa and I went through a bunch of times, no clear winner ;) This thing had the virtually no line either, compared to the 70+ people waiting for an airbrush tattoo. Really? A sparkly blue dolphin over an adrenaline-inducing  obstacle course!?

Photo Booth (

And a good ol’ fashioned Photo Booth to bring out our inner goofballs.

Then next night, I got together with my cross country girls’ team to glam up for a team party. It’s so strange to see each other in make-up and dresses, since we’re used to the daily spandex and ponytails. It’s amazing what a pair of heels and some mascara can do!

XC Girls 2012 (

(I’m second from the right, hot pink skirt)

The weekend is over and it’s time to face the finals. I woke up bright and early this morning to get in a good run before my day of classes and last-minute studying – exercise fuels the brain! I think no matter how busy we are, we can always find at least 30 minutes for exercise. You just have to be flexible with your time! Log off Facebook, wake up early, skip the TV show (or even workout while watching the show).

How was your weekend?

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  1. I’ve never ridden a mechanical bull. I bet it is a lot of fun. You ladies look beautiful in the picture. :)

  2. Looks like such a fun weekend! You are so adorable! :)

  3. Ha ha ha the bull looks fun party up before spring semester starts..I love the pink skirt it is two cute!!

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