No Gain November Revisited

It’s the last day of November! So did you participate in No Gain November?

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At the beginning of the month, I posed a challenge to keep off holiday pounds amidst the No Shave November fever. (With all luck, we will be seeing some clean-shaven faces tomorrow!) So it is weigh in time! I stepped on the scale yesterday and was happy to see that my efforts paid off and I had a difference of .2 lbs. For me, the toughest “rule” was not eating after 8! Sometimes I just wanted a little snack while I was up late studying ;)

Speaking of studying: I’m going to switch gears from being a health enthusiast to a normal college kid right now. This week has been a culmination of all the end-of-semester assignments,studying for finals which are just  4 days away, and my highest running mileage yet. I’m striving for A’s in all my 6 classes, so I’ve been spending extra extra extra time burried in textbooks and camping out in the library to study! I’m definitely taking my own advice with Healthy Study Snacks to make sure the stress of finals doesn’t lead to unnecessary and unhealthy snacking. We need brain power!

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Late nights in the library = Bring on the Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Lattes! Starbucks, I’ll be bringing you some business in the next coming nights. The other day, I really wanted to try the Eggnog Latte. I’ve never actually tried egg nog, and I’ve only heard terrible things about it. But something new and different sounded good! UNTIL I read that a grande, non-fat no-whip eggnog latte is 440 calories! Aaaaand that order changed to a Skinny Latte real quick. Pays off to do some nutritional research (another reason why food journals are helpful!)

When these finals are all over next Thursday it will be nice to relax and not think about graphs or statistics or court cases for over a month! I plan on spending my first day of winter break next to our beautifully-decorated Christmas tree with my episodes of Revenge.

The day after that, it is back to New York for my mom and me for my next surgery on my facial venous malformation. (I’ll keep you posted.) Talk about a stressful 2 weeks! All the more reason to make sure I am staying healthy to keep my immune system strong and energy levels high.

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Bear with me for the next week while I may not post so much! As soon as I CRUSH these finals I will be back with plenty of workouts and recipes :)

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  1. Good luck on your finals & have a great weekend. :)

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