Winter Workout Plan

Is it too soon for Christmas music? I THINK NOT! If Starbucks’ coffee cups can have snowmen and snowflakes, then all festivity is fair game.

Winter seemed to make its appearance today after weeks of the best sunny weather. I woke up this morning to ferocious winds and sideways rain fall, not exactly the running weather I anticipated.

So what are we to do when the weather turns dreary and rain or snow challenge our outdoor activities? If you are a hardcore cross country runner, weather is no barrier. Last year, my teammates and I literally ran through a blizzard. Not the most delightful workout but definitely unforgettable. There were tears.

But if rain or snow does put a damper on your outdoor workout plan, you can still get in some decent cardio, strength training and stretching in the comfort of your (warm and dry) home.

Really there are TONS of indoor, no-equipment-required fitness plans (I find them on Pinterest!). But if you know you will be stuck indoors for a good chunk of the winter weather, you might want to invest in some “props.” Medicine balls, Bosu Balls, Swiss Balls, Resistance Bands and some light weights. I will do a workout post on each of these in the next couple of weeks. Variety will keep you motivated and free from boredom!

And of course, if snow comes your way, you can always embrace it!

And if you have a gym membership, then weather ain’t no thang. My outdoor run has been moved to a treadmill, and this afternoon I’ll be doing some indoor rock climbing with a friend! We can work around weather ;)

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  1. I agree because weather has never stopped me from surfing, hiking, or doing my martial arts outside; the only thing I got to watch out for is the wet pavement for skateboarding:))

  2. Thanks for the post. The snow definitely puts a damper on my workout. This winter I’m hoping to change that. At least I do get the oppotunity to ski/snowboard all day. I just dont feel like that is a workout anymore (It must be doing something though).

  3. What’s a burpee? I see this all over Pinterest but I have no clue what it is. I’ve wanted to add some of those 5 minute blood moving workouts to my daily routine.

    • A burpee starts standing up; you quickly drop your hands to the floor, jump your feet back into a push-up position, jump them back in and stand up. They really get your heart rate up if you go fast enough!

  4. Ahh yes winter is almost here. Good thing my wife and I have indoor treadmills now! Yeuh!

    You make fitness fun, thank you! Just got into running more. Check my website for my progress! Thanks.


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