Butterscotch Pudding Parfaits

I have a perpetual sweet tooth. Sometimes I squash my nighttime chocolate-cravings with a decaf coffee or a warm bowl of oatmeal. Sometimes I give in. But it’s week one of No Gain November, I have no chocolate in my room and vending machines are off-limits. I concocted this fun dessert for my roommate and I to go with our late night of studying! (Don’t worry, I finished it before 8pm per No Gain November rules ;) )

They are so much more fun to eat out of a mason jar! These jars are definitely two servings each, and I have half of mine left to enjoy tomorrow :) Really there are so many different ways to make a pudding parfait but start with a Sugar-Free Fat-Free pudding mix.

Totally have the salty & sweet concoction going on here! I layered pudding, banana slices, and fat-free Cool Whip, topping it off with cashews and pretzels. The cashews were a little TOO salty and my tongue felt weird afterwards. I think almond slivers would be great next time.

The best part is I made this all in my dorm room, it was so simple. No “cooking” required.  Time to brainstorm other semi-healthy parfait toppings…. Obviously berries would be great. Maybe shredded coconut? (I’m visualizing the baking aisles of the grocery store right now :D ) Pecans or walnuts. DARK CHOCOLATE. Mmmm. What else am I forgetting?

Sometimes it’s nice to take the time to make something fun and pretty! The golden and yellow colors from the butterscotch, bananas and cashew were very autumn-y. I think Fernanda the Roommate, approved! :)

Last night I came off 0f a huge running high after completing my first “speed” workout of the season with my cross country team. We did mile repeats on a beautiful trail through the mountain forests. The whole workout was top notch, from a breezy 2 mile warm up to some faster-than-expected mile intervals, some 100 meter sprints thrown in at the end and a lovely 2 mile cool down back to our team vans. Thankful to be able to run again!

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  1. Oh my gosh, these look amazing and would definitely satisfy MY sweet tooth!! Great combo going on here too. I would try it with some dark chocolate mini chips for the ultimate sweet tooth fix. : ) Your roommate is one lucky girl to share in all these awesome concoctions you create!!! Have fun!!!!

  2. These look so great! I love butterscotch pudding and your add-ins really make it impressive.

  3. I nominated you for a Sunshine Award- thanks for being you! :) http://icraved.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/it-brightened-my-day/

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