An Unusual Walk

Currently my physical activity is limited to walking. And not the freakishly-fast-olympian-style walking. More of a stroll. (This is because any sort of exertion that increases my heart rate and blood flow will cause my cheek to swell which is detrimental to its healing from surgery.) If you know me, you know that I am not a stroller. The whole time we were in New York, my parents kept telling me to “Slow down and enjoy the scenery!” Which is exactly what I’m being forced to do right now. Don’t you love irony!

Surprisingly beautiful for a field full of dead people.

Today’s walk was in a pretty unusual location. A cemetary. My school actually has multiple cemetaries on its premises…not as eerie as it sounds. They are very pretty and peaceful places! It was the coolest weather for a cemetary walk too, warm but overcast and grey. Kind of drizzly…very ominous. I love exercising and staying fit, so I walk (leisurely for now) daily. Usually around campus, but I’ve been getting bored with my same ole’ route so I decided to venture out and find a new place to explore.

Everyone says find an exercise you enjoy. That’s easy for me. Running – duh. But I am also in love with exercise in general, so I understand that not everyone shares the same passion for sweat and soreness that I do. I will say that if you have not tried zumba yet, you ought to. But the EASIEST form of exercise that is enjoyable is simply walking! It’s still an aerobic activity, meaning you have plenty of oxygen and aren’t struggling for breath. Though your heart rate is not increased nearly as much as more intense exercises like running, biking, or swimming, if you walk long enough, you will still burn calories and utilize your leg and core muscles.

Walking a few miles a day and counting calories is how I’ve managed to maintain my pre-surgery weight through nearly 7 weeks without working out. Everyone should be outside enjoying their surroundings anyways! Especially in these gorgeous days of summer. Seriously, this hour in the cemetary certainly beats an hour wasted on the computer or TV.

Fresh Air > Facebook

I brought my camera along on my walk (obviously) and had some fun taking pictures of some wild flowers:

But the second I moved on, continuing along the path, I turned the corner to see a whole FIELD full of flowers!

Note to self: wear flower-field-running shoes next time. ;)

If you’re not an exercise enthusiast, still consider finding a place to walk and enjoy. The fresh air and peacefulness of nature will do your mind some good, and your brain will thank you for the break from cyberspace :)

Hmmm, not sure this cemetary will be so “peaceful” come Halloween….might just have to do a Haunted Workout!

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  1. Sharon Estes/ Grandma

    Beautiful Cemetery ! Wow, I have never heard of a school with cemeteries located on
    the grounds. This is not only beautiful but looks tranqua and peacefull, as it should.

  2. I just got nominated for a Liebster Award! I wanted to pay it forward by nominating you too!

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  3. There is a beauty to cemetaries. Walking is very good for you. Some people think that exercisers walk because they are too lazy to run. I know that is not the case. A couple of years ago I was told that I was wasting my time walking for exercise. I proved that fool wrong and lost 40lbs. Of course I am a runner now, but I was not always a runner.

    I also understand your need to get back to going a bit faster. Once you exercise at a higher lever, it is hard to go lower, if you know what I mean. :)

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

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