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Breaking Out the Commuter Mug

Guess who’s psyched for her first real summer job? This girl! (and at 20 years old, it’s about dang time!) I’m turning into a grown up. Almost. Unless that means giving up my N’Sync t-shirt and using words like “nifty“…

Last week was full of relaxing, shopping, manicures, movies and lunch dates. A far cry from this week: in a matter of 24 hours I was interviewed, hired, and began training for an office position at my mom’s work!

First Day of Work (

Commuter mug full of coffee is an absolute must for the half-hour commute. I have my own cubicle, e-mail address, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the break room freshly stocked with a coffee & tea station. Afternoon caffeine fix….check!

This new schedule makes it a little tricky to get in my daily runs and strength workouts and I hope to get a blog in about workouts in a time crunch and packing healthy balanced lunches. I’ll be re-joining the ‘5:00am Club’ at the gym like I did in high school. Double days will require an additional workout in the evenings. Bring it! Sleep is for Sundays ;)