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Tailgate Party Pinwheels

I like the social aspect of football. Going to games with friends, tailgate parties, hanging out afterwards. Don’t ask me what a “down” or a “wide-receiver” is…. But I CAN tell you what to serve at your next football party! Of course my party would be a little more health-ified than most. Seems like the staples for football get-togethers are wings, nachos, and junk junk junk food. You are SPECTATORS. You’re not doing any work by watching someone else play their sport! There’s no need to EAT like a football player :P

You’ve probably seen these tortilla pinwheels before. Usually they are laden with hidden fats in the form of mayonnaise, cream cheese,  or salami. My make-over recipe takes out the crap and turns them into a healthy and colorful appetizer for a group. The secret: hummus spread!

Start off with this hummus recipe. Allow it to refrigerate for a few hours before making the pinwheels though.


8 Whole wheat wraps

Homemade Hummus (see above)

1/2 purple onion, sliced

4 handfuls Baby Spinach

1 tomato, diced

24 slices 98% fat-free, thin-sliced turkey

  • Spread hummus onto a wrap.

  • Add onion, spinach, and tomatoes evenly. Top with turkey slices. Roll up and secure with 5 toothpicks:

  • Slice in between each toothpick. (The ends will just be scraps.)

Voila! A healthy hummus-filled party platter (You don’t have to tell the guys they are less than 40 calories each). Who says football finger food has to be fried and covered in cheese?

Bring on the football boys game!

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