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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Circuit

You know what I haven’t posted in a while?

An actual WORKOUT.

Let’s fix that immediately.

I’ve got a sweaty circuit for you that’s no-nonsense non-stop (say that five times fast.)

I HATE resting between sets; sitting on a machine makes me feel lazy and silly. So if I can work a different muscle group in between sets of one exercise, then I a.) create a mini-circuit, b.) get my workout done twice as fast and c.) keep my heart rate elevated constantly.

Triple bonus stars!

This is the workout I planned for myself at the gym today. Each sub-circuit contains an arm exercise, a core exercise and a leg exercise!

You will need:

  • Mid-height Boxes (*if you can’t get your hands on some boxes to jump on, substitute steps/stairs or just jump-rope in place!)
  • Swiss Ball
  • Med Ball (or 10 lb. weight)
  • Dumbbells for arm exercises

Cant Stop, Wont Stop Circuit from

Minor Details:

1. Box Jumps are great cardio and leg exercises. However after you jump and stick your landing, just step down. No need to jump off and wreck your knees!

2. Alternating lunges can be made more challenging by holding 10 lb. dumbbells in your hands by your sides

3. If 1-minute plank is a piece of cake for your hardcore self, modify the exercise by raising one leg at a time 6-inches (slowwwwly)

4. This is a SUPER-SET workout: You complete three rounds of each circuit before moving onto the next. Go through the first three exercises, repeat two more times. Then move onto the next set of three. Confused? As long as you get in 3-sets of every exercise on the chart, you got the basic point ;)

Circuits like these that pump up your heart rate and challenge large muscle groups also super-charge your metabolism. Which is great this time of year especially with all the special parties and festivities :))

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Roommate Date Night before winter break! <3

And as I promised, the next installment of my marathon playlist. The Big Race is just ONE MONTH AND ONE DAY AWAY! It’s getting real… I bring you “On Your Side” by SafetySuit.

I like the fact that it’s over 6 minutes long, meaning I will cover about .723(-ish) miles in its duration. “There’s gonna be times…when the streets are cold and the world is empty.” “You could be somebody, you just need the chance to prove it.” “I’m gonna knock off every demon that lands on your shoulder.” “Beginning to the end, you know.”

I just think it’s a sweet message for when those inevitable WALLS come up during miles 17-24. :)

Let me know if you try the workout!

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