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Sunday: Summer Training Summary

Message of the week =be flexible. Running partners cancel, some days your legs are tired, you have to stay late at work, the temperatures are hotter than you accounted for. That’s not to say these are excuses to skipping a workout! Flexibility means if the sun’s too harsh, use the treadmill. If you got to bed late, sleep in and plan a night run. If your legs are sore, cross train in the pool.

As much as we like to plan things out, writing them down on a white board calendar does not necessarily dictate how they will play out. Fortunately I have a weekly mileage goal that keeps me from rolling over and going back to sleep when 4:30am comes and I don’t exactly hop up enthusiastically to get to my treadmill. Cardio before coffee?! Sometimes when I run before the sun is up and it’s totally quiet outside, I feel like I’m still dreaming. Trippy!

Summer training schedule 3

Now add in LIFE somewhere in this schedule and it gets a little tricky. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…and I’ve definitely got the will ;)

Yesterday at Sprouts (I LOVE THAT PLACE) I bought chia seeds for the first time. After reading other blogger’s experiments with overnight oats, I’m so intrigued. I plan on making a batch tonight for breakfast tomorrow (which means saving time in the morning which means I can curl my hair. Double win!) Apparently the chia seeds are the necessary ingredient that changes the texture of the oats without cooking them. Magic?

Maybe I’m still in the “runner’s high” from this morning’s long run. But can I just tell you how much I am loving summer training? A friend asked me this morning if I would want to do yoga, and I am always up for new things. But honestly I think hard cardio, as sweaty as it may be, is my therapy. Not that I use the time to think; I’m actually the opposite. I like to turn up the music, lock into my pace and not think. Oh and it helps when your surroundings are pretty to look at ;)  where's the coconuts? Last week’s Sunday Summary: June 17th