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Observations from a College Gym

I failed to deliver my aforementioned funny gym observation post didn’t I….

Well it is probably still Tuesday somewhere in the world, right? Now that I fixed a healthy post-workout snack, let’s go!

Greek yogurt and blueberries recovery snack (

****As a college student I have access to our “recreation center,” easily my favorite place on campus. Daily workouts in the gym and countless hours on cardio equipment means you get to see a lot of interesting things****

1. NAPPERS. The other morning, I hit the gym before class. It must’ve been around 8am, which is early by college campus standards. As I turned the corner of the indoor track, I saw a girl asleep on a yoga mat. Just right there, out in the open. Not even a yoga pose or anything, just full out NAPTIME. What did you come to the gym for? Pretty sure sleeping in a gym burns about the same amount of calories as sleeping in your own bed…..

2. GAS MASKS. I’m not sure where this came from, but someone has the idea that wearing a gas mask in the gym will improve their workout. Whether or not this is true, it scares the hell out of me every time they walk by! Wearing a protective military contraption to the gym? Calm down, bro.

3. SNACKERS. If you are exercising for a considerable amount of time, I understand the need to eat mid-workout. Walking at 3 mph on a treadmill watching TLC’s “Extreme Cougar Wives” doesn’t exactly demand immediate caloric-intake. I have seen girls on multiple occasions eating a “protein bar” WHILE WALKING ON THE TREADMILL. The sugary/processed/nasty kinds that are basically a glorified candy bar. I just want to laugh because they are literally cancelling out their efforts.

4. The CLOTHES. Can we talk about gym attire for a minute? Like I am ALL FOR coordinating your shirt to your shoes to your headband. If getting dolled up makes you feel confident and have a better workout, go for it. I usually don’t worry too much about my hair because I sweat so much that it looks like I just jumped out of the shower anyways ;)

However. LEGGINGS ARE NOT WORKOUT PANTS! They are made of cotton, are super thin, and basically become see-through when you stretch or bend over. Girls wearing leggings: your underwear are 100% visible and 100% tacky. Workout capris should be made of spandex or nylon so they can stretch without exposing your polka-dot thong.

5. MIRROR GAWKERS. I will forever & always be amused by the gym-goers who frequently pass by the mirrored-walls, shamelessly admiring themselves. It’s even better when the dudes casually lift up their shirts to expose their “abs.” If you are trying to impress someone, you just look like a tool. There is a fine line between a glance in the mirror and a full-on stare down with yourself. Gotta love their confidence though!

Silliest gym behavior you’ve noticed….GO!

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