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Times Are A Changin’ – The New Resume Format

Good morning friends!

I’m finishing up my four years of business school next month. One of the best resources is the Career Center, which helps students develop and tailor their resumes and practice interviewing in the job search process. Resumes today are nothing like they were 20 years ago. A major shift in our industry with technology and the saturation of millennials in the job market has made hiring managers hyper-aware of the need for a social presence to remain relevant.

How to Update Your Resume for 2015 on Strong Like My Coffee at

Millennials are coming into the job market, changing the entire dynamic of the hiring process. Millenials are a commodity because we present a different social skill set than previous generations. Any company relies on communication, internal and external. Millennials have mastered warp-speed communication.

There is a new standard when it comes to resumes and job interviews.

Standard, boring, bland resumes are no longer considered. In order to become current, resumes now include hashtags, social media statistics, and noteworthy internet interaction.

I thought the advice I got for my resume was so helpful, I wanted to share a copy with you! I know many of you are in similar situations and will be graduating shortly as well :)

*Obviously contact and personal info has been changed. This is a basic outline of the new format*

Resume Example on Strong Like My Coffee at Stronglikemycoffee.comThink of your Twitter, Instagram and FB account as your resume. And the skills section is now just a mash-up of hashtags. Be clever! The more creative your hashtags, the more you’ll stand out from your competition. #winning

It’s time to update your resume! Oh and if you bought any of this, then you my friend are an…………………….



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April Fools (

Obviously this entire post today was complete satire. (“Milliennials are a commodity” HAHAHA)

The day resumes nonchalantly incorporate hashtags into the skills section is the day I quit and become a spinstress. I had to get you somehow :) Please do not actually include the number of Twitter followers in your resume. Though actually, I am a job-seeking graduate myself so I guess it would help to weed out some of the competition…. ;)

Did anyone else getcha good today? Or are YOU the prankster?