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Can we talk about those Debbie-Downers?

Negative people in your life. Chances are someone specific came to mind when you read this title. We all seem to know those black clouds ready to rain on our parade!

This is not an advice column. I’m just sayin’. Not everybody is an optimistic and pleasant human being, and when you encounter these people it might not be worth the energy to give them attention. In fact it might just be better for your health & sanity to let them go…

Physics is coming in handy. As I learned in 10th grade from Dr. Krumbein, “All actions have an equal and opposite reaction.” Sometimes being a healthy & happy person attracts like-minded people. Great! Instant friends. Other times the “reaction” is doubt, skepticism, and negativity. Not great. Buh-bye!

Happiness is the product of health (

All actions – eating healthfully, being active, smiling, sharing- have a reaction in our bodies. They make you “healthier” but that’s so vague! What’s going on inside EXACTLY?!  Well, when your body has nutritious fuel with vitamins and protein and calcium and fiber and probiotics and amino acids, it runs more efficiently. Your system isn’t working so hard to fight out garbage and you just feel good. Physical activity (especially outdoors) releases those feel-good chemicals. Endorphins! But aside from diet and exercise, being a consciously-POSITIVE person makes a world of difference.

Why I think it’s necessary to avoid Debbie Downers:

  • Complaining is exhausting. It focuses on negative aspects. Complaining usually includes “victimizing” yourself. Why would you want to be a victim?
  • If you do not want my help in finding a solution then please don’t bring me your problems.
  • Negativity breeds negativity. If you are constantly exposed to a pessimistic attitude, you may unknowingly begin to adopt the same perspective. It’s like a disease. I’m prescribing a healthy dose of get-out-of-my-ear.
  • Negative people point out others’ flaws. What benefit does it bring to discuss someone elses’ faults? Oh right, NONE.
  • Hearing girls critique someone’s hair/outfit/pictures/beliefs makes me self-conscious about my own hair/outfits/pictures/beliefs. And I have enough insecurities as it is.

Be happy with the little things (

This weekend I took another trip down to Sedona. The drive is almost my favorite part….it’s absolutely gorgeous. I had brunch and wrote a paper. In no hurry, I turned the opposite direction of home when I got to the offramp. 6 lonely miles later, this came into view.

Perfect Picnic Day (

I like looking at pretty things. I like enjoying beautiful weather and taking pictures and sitting on my car and listening to country music and eating clementines. I think it’s important to step back from how “stressed” or “exhausted” we are and do a little reality check. Life is pretty damn good. I was happy. :)

Just another view (

It may seem like a contradiction to be a happy and positive person who alienates certain people. True, we are supposed to “Love thy neighbor.” But I can love my neighbor enough to respect the fact that our lifestyles are incompatible with my health.

Surround yourself with happy people and you will inevitably be happy. :)

Best friend laughing

Be the sunshine not the cloud! :)

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