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Unemployed Life – Pancakes and Packing

Good morning! I’m coming to the end of my SECOND week of being “unemployed.” I had been  interning with a company during my last two years of school at Northern Arizona University, and after I graduated they offered me a full time job. I became an associate buyer at the corporate headquarters of a national food manufacturing company in Southern California – a desk job with lots of spreadsheets, emails and computer functions that was not related to my major {marketing} and didn’t include a lot of interaction with anyone else. Feeling like I was in the wrong job for me was a huge motivator to follow through with relocating….which I’m doing in a few short days{!!} Quitting my job was the first step to starting new in Boise. But I had two full weeks between my last day of work and driving to Boise to enjoy #unemployedlife.

Move tree quote

Like I said yesterday, packing up my room uncovered some real treasures including $13 worth of change which I immediately cashed in for a Starbucks gift card. I bribed myself (or maybe I was just stalling?) to clean my car before her big road trip with a jolt of caffeine. Iced Americano with sugar-free cinnamon, always.

Boise Bound

I’m constantly reminding myself that my days in Southern California are numbered (not sad about it). Of course I’m trying to be as productive as possible but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take total advantage of eating my lunches outside picnic-style, drinking my first cup of coffee in bed, and being a little more elaborate with my snack creations.

Protein Pancake Breakfast

Prime example: this morning I decided to attempt my very first PROTEIN PANCAKES. We have two full containers of chocolate and vanilla protein powders and I’m trying to use up what’s left in cupboards. The recipes on Pinterest seem easy enough, and I just stocked up on fresh berries yesterday sooo I took my iced Starbucks treat to the kitchen and I totally would have worn my apron if it weren’t already packed in my stack of boxes ;)

Cinnamon Vanilla Protein Pancakes - stronglikemycoffee.comI rarely ever use protein powder these days, since my workouts have cut down drastically since last November. I’m slowly easing back into running and strength training now that my medical situation and hectic schedule have calmed down, but I don’t feel like I need to supplement my protein intake with a powder – I get plenty of it from real food! (I tried adding some to hot oats the other day and it was terrible!)

I have to get used to photographing all of my dishes again before devouring them, now that the blog is back full force :)

Super Bowl Sunday Study Snack (

My reading material with breakfast: blog posts about moving out-of-state and tips for relocating. I learned a few tips and tricks, although my move is a little easier since my parents are also relocating to Idaho and have taken care of all of the furniture and apartment details. I’m actually already registered at the nearest gym and signed up for the local weekly running club! Mostly I am just filled with excitement and anticipation for what the future holds. Something about the uncertainty of my life in Idaho is THRILLING. There is literally nothing but opportunity to create whatever life I want for myself (with a lot of hard work). Boise is one of the fittest communities in the country and I know that I will feel at home very soon :)

Enjoy your weekends! And please feel free to share any of your relocating/moving tips in the comments section!

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