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Something amazing happens in October. The whole nation bans together to acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is inspiring to see how PINK has taken over the country, and my school is no exception. At our Homecoming game on Saturday, the football team wore pink gear, the athletic trainers wore pink polos, and one of the sororities passed out pink ribbons to fans:

I think efforts to broadcast Breast Cancer Awareness have come so far, and there is an incredible amount of organizations and individuals doing what they can to contribute. Our school gym is promoting Breast Cancer Awareness with “Pink Week.” It promotes health and fitness while raising money to donate to The Susan G. Komen Foundation For the Cure. This week they are hosting a Dodge ball Tournament, Indoor Climbing Competition, Splash and Dash Race, and Fitness Classes where 100% of proceeds are donated to Susan G. Komen.

Many people, myself included, are sporting pink athletic wear all week long to show our support.

I think of health as primarily related to exercise and nutrition, but there are much bigger aspects to health. Reminders like Pink Week are a reality check. A reality check to be thankful for our bodies and our health, and to support those who are battling cancer and sickness.

Your body is so much more than just muscle, fat, and organs. When your body blesses you with good health, show your appreciation by fueling it with good nutrition and exercise. And don’t forget to wear your pink with pride this week.