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Nutrition 101 (Part I)

Last night’s Healthy Lifestyle class had a lecture that went right to the top of my list of favorites. We had our campus Nutritionist and Dietician speak about Nutrition. But it wasn’t just the same ole’ stuff you hear everywhere – Even after years of reading about nutrition in magazines, books and online, I still heard some new information at this lecture.

Taking down notes like nobody’s business! I think nutrition is fascinating.

I’ll just share a rundown of the most important concepts she shared, but there is so much information, I’m breaking it up into 2 posts:

A.) Good Nutrition improves your strength, endurance, sleep, immune function, and brain function. Eat Crap –> Feel like Crap.

B.) You know when you’re really stressed out and you go for junk food? When your body senses stress, it goes into the “Fight or Flight” mode, and wants to store as much energy as possible to fight off the perceived ‘threat’. That’s great if you are in the Hunger Games or living in the wild, but most of us are stressed for more common reasons like school, work, friends, and really don’t need any extra energy to fight off the stress.

Remember these from Refrigerator Reminders?

C.) Whole Grains are so much more nutritious than white flours and starch, but did you know why? It’s because they contain the outer shell and the germ of the grain which hold the Fiber, B Vitamins, and antioxidants. White bread, white pasta, and all other refined carbs remove these essential vitamins and minerals and leave just the starch.

D.) In one study, only 6% of college students reported getting the recommended 5 cups of fruits and vegetables a day. 6%, that is sad. A serving of fruits or vegetables should accompany every meal.

Avocados are nutritious and delicious :)

E.) EAT MORE DARK CHOCOLATE. (Okay, if you say so ;) )

An important reminder from the guest speaker: “Our food industry is a business, not a health care system.” Food companies are more concerned with making $$$ than providing a nutritious product, duh. So if you can’t recognize half the ingredients on the package label, put it down and go for something more simple.



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