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Chunky Monkey DeLites

Yesterday morning I dropped my mom off at the airport at 5:20am. She always picks the earliest flight so I was prepared for the dark drive. Since the airport is so close to my work and I don’t have strict hours, I decided to just start my workday at 6:00am. I had a thermos full of coffee and actually opted for no music instead of my usual morning country. The office was practically empty and so quiet, it was kind of nice. I did hit a wall around 1pm and fueled up with some apple slices and peanut butter. I had a gym workout that night that I wanted to be energized for! It’s always a little more difficult for me to run in the evening than first thing in the morning. That’s why this morning I planned a 5:00am treadmill session, logging 5.85 miles during the morning news before the sun came up.

 On my lunch hour, I drove one block to the mall to walk a lap and stop at GNC for my favorite Quest bars. (Always nice to give the eyeballs a break from the computer and move the legs!) This little guy (I just assume it’s a boy) was sitting so patiently in the truck next to me, I wanted to hug him! So I just took a picture instead. So serious :)

Gorgeous austrailian shepherd |

 Dinner was a quick salad that we threw together with leftovers, made fancy with avocado and feta and blueberries.

 Colorful Healthy Summer Salad |

But I’m really here to share dessert!

Chunky Monkey Ben & Jerry’s is tempting but I had more than my fair share of ice cream in the last couple of weeks of school. The compromise: frozen banana slices with PB Fit and mini chocolate chips.

 Chunky Monkey Delites --> Frozen banana poppers with pb fit & mini chocolate sprinkles |

PB Fit and other similar powdered peanut butters dehydrate the peanut by squeezing out the oils, thus removing about 90% of the fat content. Yes, fats from nuts are healthy and I enjoy regular nut butters regularly! But sometimes when using peanut butter for dessert or extra treat, it is helpful to reduce the calorie and fat content. Plus I genuinely like the flavor and the texture of the powdered pb. I used one large ripe banana, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter powder mixed with 1.5 tablespoon of water, and 2 tablespoons of mini chocolate chips; this dessert is 2 servings at approximately 160 calories each.

 Healthy Frozen Dessert  Chunky Monkey DeLites

I sliced the bananas and laid them out on a plate, mixed together the peanut butter powder and water and measured out the chocolate chips. I put a little dab of peanut butter on each banana slice and sprinkled a couple of chips on each. Then I popped the plate in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes until the bananas were slightly frozen. *Best enjoyed with an episode of Grey’s Anatomy while I try to play catch up with my Hulu account. (When I logged in for the first time in a while last week, I had over 70 episodes in my queue! Someone missed the entire season of the Voice #sadday)

Since I had to walk to the store after dinner to buy the bananas, the 2 mile trek nearly cancelled out the calories from the treat. Victory! I’m a little tired from the past couple of 4:20am wake up calls and I have another one coming tomorrow so I’m turning in early tonight. Goodnight!

#TBT 7

It’s Thursday, which means another throwback blog post! :) Last week I experimented with the “Thirteen Things Thursday” but it didn’t fare so well. I was excited to share this article as “thing #1” but only 18 readers clicked on it…..less than 2%. (yes I see stats!) And so, #TBT returns :)

Double Days & Quest Bar Crunchies

Originally posted on: June 25, 2014

Ever have one of those days where one workout just doesn’t seem like enough? ;) Yeah I’m guessing it’s pretty rare. Cross country, track and summer training introduced me to “Double Days.” Yesterday was one of those days.

Double run = double shot cappuccino.

Run #1: My high school teammate Matt & I covered just over 5 miles around the neighborhood in the misty morning June Gloom. It had to be quick becuase I’m on the road to work before 7am!

My training goals right now require more than 40 minutes a day, which is all I can fit in the mornings. Solution: add a second round after work. A double run day means a 5:00am five-miler and a 5:00pm five-miler. (And a 2:00pm iced coffee from the shop next door!)

Run #2: took place in the air conditioned LA Fitness cardio section while watching the College World Series. Two words: Baseball boys. Or three words: College baseball boys. (I take advantage of treadmill sessions to watch whatever news or sports are on to stay up to speed!)

Double Day Workouts on the blog

Performing 2 workouts in a 12 hour period can require a bit of extra motivation and fueling. Morning is the easiest time for me to run, on an empty stomach with cool air. Evenings after a couple of meals and snacks, the hot sticky air and some exhaustion from the previous effort needs some preparation:

Motivation: What is the purpose of your second workout? Sometimes I need to finish my mileage for the day. Other times the second run is a “Shake Out” run to start eliminating lactic acid from the morning’s more taxing workout. Somedays it’s to burn off the unexpected chocolate pretzels I splurged on at lunch ;)

Set yourself up for success with a different route from the morning, some music or entertainment, and remind yourself that sleep is only a few hours away!

Fueling: After your morning run, it’s important to put some protein and carbs into your morning meal to kickstart recovery before Round 2! Running “double” does burn a substantial amount of calories, like my ten-mile total yesterday. But consuming your “extra” calories in between runs might hinder your evening effort. Give your body at least 2 hours to digest before the second run. Hydrate all day long to replenish what you lost from the morning and prepare to sweat it all out again!

Protein Snack: Quest Bar Crunchies

My lunch hour yesterday took me to GNC to make a beloved Quest Bar stop. I stuck with my favorites: White Chocolate Raspberry, Cookies & Cream, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. (Sweet tooth much??) Which were immediately devoured in the form of: Quest Bar Crunchies!

Quest Bar Crunchies on Blog  HEALTHY CLEAN SNACK or DESSERT

The bars are so versatile because of their soft chewy texture.

*I promise this is not an endorsement, I am just a loyal customer ;)

Quest Bar posts a bunch of fun and low-sugar recipes on their web pages, and the simplest one is definitely the cookie crunch. Break up a bar, bake at 350 for 8 minutes, flipping them over half way through.

Like tiny cookies, best devoured hot from the over. (I also love mine with almond milk and a spoon, like cereal. Ridiculously good cereal, not that shredded wheat crap.)

Quest Bar Crunchies Healthy Clean Snack or Dessert on blog

I used 3 different bars and split the pan with my mom an dad. We couldn’t choose a favorite flavor! One bar is about 180 calories, 2 grams of sugar and 3 grams of net carbs with mega protein.

So good I could eat double :)

You have a finite number of college weekends!

There are approximately 128 weekends in your college career.

There are currently 3 left in mine.

In marketing, we learned about the “scarcity phenomenon.” When a product or service is presented as “limited time” or “limited quantity,” consumers tend to feel a larger sense of urgency or need that they wouldn’t otherwise feel to demand that product.

When the number of weekends left in college is in the single digits, the scarcity phenomenon sets in.

College Picture Collage |

Like most college kids, we begin freshman year with the idealistic goal of making as many new friends as possible. And as we change and develop new priorities, that initial number of friends typically decreases. But the quality of those existing friendships only strengthens.

Friends from freshman to senior year have been a part of some of your best memories, seen your embarrassing moments, know your habits, and love you anyways. We are spoiled by the fact that all of our friends are in a concentrated little area by the university, all within a one-mile radius. We took complete advantage of this sunny and gorgeous April weekend to cram in as much of our favorite activities as possible.

Best Friends in College |

I love making dinner with friends, probably more than I like going out to dinner. The whole process is fun and active, rather than sitting at a table and waiting. I’ve made Pineapple Boats before, but Kerri hadn’t and she added a quinoa stir-fry twist. This dinner paired with decaf coffee, the best study playlist, homework session around my dining room table, healthy dessert = one of our college night staples.

Healthy Quinoa Stir Fry Pineapple Boats |Stronglikemycoffee.comThe next day we dressed up to go downtown, shopping, dinner with friends from cross country, then to frozen yogurt and the new movie The Longest Ride.


I saw the trailer while watching McFarland, USA with friends. Right when the “Waiting” song by Banks came on, I was intrigued. A chick flick about a college girl and a cowboy, set in North Carolina and flashing back to the 1940s and 50s… is quite perfectly my dream life. (And 4 million other girls’, right?)

We knew that a Nicholas Sparks movie would have a predictable level of cheese but Scott Eastwood makes that completely forgivable ;) I would honestly rate this as one of my top 3 Nicholas Sparks stories. I would go see again for sure!

After the amazing sushi rolls and sinful frozen yogurt, I am feeling quite motivated to get out there and do my long run today. ;) But it was another college weekend for the (scrap)books.

College Picture Collage Part 2

All of these pictures from the last four years make me happy. A colorful life = a good life. I’m not sad or nostalgic that my college days are coming to an end, just pointing out the fact that when you have a limited amount of time left, you have to make time for the important stuff!

And because social media is the new resume and my current profile picture makes me look like a Backstreet Boy, Kerri and I made a pit stop for one last Flagstaff sunset picture while we were all dressed up. Immediately we had to laugh at this one…..I didn’t know what to do with my hands! #AwkwardCurtsy

Awkward Curtsy Pose |Stronglikemycoffee.comHope you had a fantastic weekend :)