Bucket List Item #30: Make a Coffee Table Scrapbook


I am feeling so relieved to have this freaking bucket list full of check marks on the eve of my birthday and its deadline. I had many a sleepless night wondering how I would get through this commitment, and we definitely rallied over the last 30 days to fit in more than I thought was possible.

But we will reminisce another day. Today I am just here to share with you the details of item number 30 of 30 because I have a big plush king bed next to a fireplace calling my name for a peaceful night of sleep as soon as I hit “publish”!

Scrapbooks are such special ways to document memories. Now that all of our photos are stuck in our phones, it’s important to me to make an effort to print my favorites and put them all somewhere that we will actually look at them and can set out for others to peruse through when they are over.

I ordered a Baby Book right when I had Brynnley to make sure that I kept up on the milestones, big and small. I also have amassed over 12,000 photos and videos since her birth 11.5 months ago…… and I do try to go back and delete ones I don’t “need” but I NEED THEM ALL!

So here’s an effort to make some of them more accessible. This is a very simple little book, which I think is smart because if/when we add more babies to our family, I can make them something equal. I feel like if I did some extravagant effort for Brynnley’s baby keepsakes because she’s my first and only child, then I would feel pressured to keep up with something equivalent for any future babies and that might be a little more difficult as I add more to my plate! Simple = smart.

I do enjoy the more colorful and creative sides to scrapbooking, so I have another separate book that I’m slowly working on with more scrap paper and stickers and fancy journalling. That is obviously a lot more time-consuming.

Over the past few days, I got this Baby Book completely up to date and filled in with all of Brynnley’s big photos and milestones from the past 11 months. We take a photo every month on the same blanket with her little lamb I bought her while I was pregnant and a little wooden round sign with her age on it and it’s so fun to see the big changes month-to-month.

With that, the list is complete. <3

Tomorrow, I will celebrate a new decade. The goal of this list was to feel like I was making the most of my twenties while they lasted. I’m very thankful for the memories and the challenges. I am also feeling the exhaustion of the last few items while working full time and taking care of a baby so I am going to spend the last few hours of my twenties tucked in bed with a book, a face mask, and a glass of wine. Goodnight friends.

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