Bucket List Item #28: Sing Karaoke at a Bar

Honestly, I put this one off as long as I could! Every time I looked at my bucket list on our fridge, this one haunted me…..haha. But I already used my mulligan! Since I waited until the last minute, I needed to figure out what bars had karaoke on Wednesdays and how we could swing a mid-week night out with Brynnley’s bedtime schedule.

Brynnley is a good sleeper but she doesn’t like to be put down by anyone new, and I wouldn’t have any fun out if I knew Brynnley was upset and tired at home. So we decided to just do her full bedtime ourselves at 8pm and have a babysitter come over afterwards. It felt very strange to get her to sleep and then go curl my hair and put on make-up. Its usually when I knock out a couple chores or go curl up on the couch!

We found a spot that had Wednesday Night karaoke called Whiskey River, and Zeb invited a couple other friends who had been before and love karaoke. It wasn’t too crowded when we showed up at 8:30 but by the time we were leaving at 11pm it was starting to fill up.

When my husband Zeb went up to the bar to order a beer for him and a white claw for me, I snuck a song entry in for him to sing Like A Virgin by Madonna. He did not appreciate it. His buddy Jared helped him be a good sport and power through, while the rest of us died laughing back at the table.

Our friend Ashlie sang Strawberry Wine, Sarah sang You & I by Lady Gaga, and then it was finally my turn.

The only other time I’ve sang karaoke was in 2018 at a dive bar and I picked Shania Twain’s Any Many of Mine. I didn’t want to repeat myself but I stuck with the Shania theme and sang Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under. I’m not a singer outside of my car, and I am too embarrassed to even look at the video that Zeb took of me singing.

Before the night ended though, I went up one more time to duet with Sarah Heads Carolina, Tails California & it’s a lot less scary when you have someone else’s voice mixed with yours! I was also feeling my White Claws by this point, which also helps 😉

I am just relieved that this bucket list item is crossed off and I won’t spend another sleepless night thinking about it!

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