Jumping Right Into It

I spent about 2.5 hours organizing my new room before I headed out to fully immerse myself in Idaho life! I’ve been waiting for two solid months to be here, explore, find a new job and meet new people and I didn’t want to waste a minute. On Wednesday, my mom took the day off of work to spend the day out and about with me. We were blessed with the most GORGEOUS weather, sunny blue skies comfortable enough for a sundress. :)


Just beyond Boise’s downtown district, next to the old penitentiary, is Table Rock Trail which climbs up to show off beautiful views of Boise. The downtown area stands out among the dense dark green trees and it’s absolutely refreshing coming from smoggy SoCal. We didn’t stay at the top for too long because we were running on empty stomachs, holding out for brunch at a downtown cafe and it was already 10am.

Table Rock Hike to the top Stronglikemycoffee.com

We headed back down the trail and parked in front of the capitol building, walking a block to a cute little brunch spot called Wild Root.

Brunch in Boise Stronglikemycoffee.com

I ordered 2 scrambled eggs with sweet potato hash. And coffee, which goes without saying. My mom and I sat at the bar, facing a window out to the downtown street. There was another local coffee shop across the street, and yet another next door. There are about 13 non-chain coffee shops in a 5 mile radius. Now you know why I moved here ;)

Wild Root Brunch Stronglikemycoffee.com

We still had some time left on our meter and no strict schedule to keep so we walked a couple blocks around downtown (passing 3 more cute unique coffee shops….it’s going to test my willpower to be surrounded by all of these). We popped into a record store with it’s own little coffee counter inside, tons of music and quirky gifts.

Record Shop Boise Stronglikemycoffee.com.jpg

Later, we headed back downtown around 5:30pm to meet some of my mom’s co-workers for dinner at a seafood restaurant Lucky Fins. We sat out on the patio for a couple of hours and I was so happy to get sushi! I LOVE sushi but I don’t think I’ve had any for months, so I ordered their “fit roll” with steamed shrimp, spinach, cucumber, avocado and (a little too much) sriracha. Lucky Fins Sushi Stronglikemycoffee.com

It amazes me that the sun doesn’t set until after 9pm so we have such long light evenings. I had the perfect day here, but it still hasn’t hit me yet that I live here and that I won’t be going back to Riverside. I wanted to relocate for a long while. Now I’m here and I’m doing it! My “Idaho To-Do” list is so long now I think it will take years to complete ;) Buuuuuut obviously everyday can’t be as vacation-y as this day. Girls gotta find a job! Thanks for joining in my fun journey. Til next time!

XO Kenz.


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  1. It sounds wonderful. There will be so many new places to explore. Thanks for sharing!

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