To Idaho We Go

I’ve now spent a full 24-hours as a new Idaho resident and I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling once.

Morning Roadtrip View (

Incredibly grateful to be here and very much ready to embrace Idaho life! As promised, I snapchatted a bit of the adventure but I’m here for a full recap today :)

Move to Idaho Collage (

My mom flew out to Southern California for the nearly-1,000 mile drive. I’m so thankful because I don’t see how I would’ve made the 15 hour trek alone. We set our alarm clocks for 4am, but I was wide awake at 3am. My body and my brain were just so anxious to GO. By 4:30 we were northbound. Roadtrip Buddies!

Roadtrip Buddies (

Before I left, I spent my last couple of nights in Riverside celebrating with my parents. My dad and I lived together for 4 months, so we wrapped up our time as “roomies” with some homemade pizza, ice cream sundaes and our favorite shows relaxing at home. Then on Saturday night, my mom was in town for 18 hours so we hit up a local Asian bistro and I said my goodbyes to my hometown!

Asian Chicken Salad

The stats for the 1,000 mile journey:

  • Duration: 14.5 hours (and then we lost an hour from the change in time zone).
  • Stops for Gas: 5 (I like to fill up when the tank is at half-full “just in case”)
  • Stops for Coffee/Tea: 2

We packed all of our own snacks so we didn’t stop to eat at all. We grazed on apples, bananas, sweet potato crackers with a laughing cow cheese, almonds and cashews, and my guilty pleasure – goldfish grahams!

Coffee for the Road ( we got past Vegas, the scenery really start to change. Heading in to St. George, Utah led us through gorgeous green lush pastures and canyons of colorful mountains. Beyond Salt Lake City, the highway was a straight shot through farmland and rural communities with tons of cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and even a couple of llamas. The sky was bright with puffy white clouds, and it was just so scenic and picturesque. Cameras can’t quite capture it all but I kept snapping pictures and videos. You can see my 15-hour drive condensed to 15 seconds on my latest Instagram video!Home Sweet Home Idaho ( 8:00pm, we finally pulled up to where I now call HOME. Everything is blooming and I love the atmosphere around this apartment complex. I was completely unpacked within 20 hours of arriving and I can’t wait to share more about making myself at home in Boise!

I can get used to this view :)

New View ( I’m going to fill out a couple of job applications and head over to the DMV to start the registration process, followed by a hair appointment with a new stylist and a trip to my new gym with my mama! More Boise adventures to come,

XOXO Kenz.

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