16 Mile Manhattan Tour

The goal this morning when we awoke in our rented Manhattan apartment: squeeze as many sights in to the day as possible. NYC is saturated with such diverse neighborhoods, each hiding their own famed restaurants and attractions. Plus there were some highlights from our 2012 trip I wanted to revisit like the Highland Park, Chelsea Piers, and Bryant Park.

So where to start? We walked to Columbus Circle, hopped on a Subway & rode to Brooklyn. (My dad tried to convince me that the subway operated like a submarine when we travelled under the Hudson River, where you see water and fish out the windows. NICE TRY. )

We weren’t in Brooklyn long because we walked straight across the Brooklyn Bridge, over the cars and the water for about a mile. Which is only the start of the distance we covered by foot today. We used the Map My Walk app today to measure our trek and after 8 hours we have travelled an amazing 16 miles.

We stopped for coffee, fruit & a bagel to share at the Long Island Bagel Shop. We found the bronze Charging Bull sculpture and walked down Wall Street. Circled Battery Park and dodged children and bicycles. However the most amazing site was easily the 9/11 memorial. If you have the opportunity, please go see. It’s free and it’s beautiful. On the exact plots where the twin towers stood are now vast deep fountains, encased in marble that carries the names of each victim.

We stopped for a 2 o’ clock brunch at a hipster vegan restaurant ‘The Butcher’s Daughter.’ On the way in, my dad asked “this isn’t one of those vegetarian restaurants, right?”
He enjoyed his “tempeh” and dairy-less cheese ;)  
Next we strolled through Little Italy. Smells So GOOD. A mile later we were in Chelsea, on the piers looking across at New Jersey. It was a gorgeous day!


One of my favorite places in Manhattan is the Highline Park, an old elevated railroad that has been transformed into a garden and walkway a couple stories above the city. It reminds of a fairy tale :) When we were ready to head home, we still had a good 40 blocks uptown to go. The best way to see the city is by foot! You get to see so much, and smell way too much.
We were walking up 9th Ave when we happened upon the biggest street fair. For 10 blocks we passed food vendors, street performers, and what seemed like millions of people. It smelled like grease and cigarette smoke.
16 miles later we were back at our apartment to relax & have our own little happy hour. Tomorrow brings another day of adventure! This is an incredible place to be.

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  1. That sounds incredible! I went to New York once with my family for my high school graduation and the 9/11 site was the most special thing, it was incredible how we all came together to honor those we lost!

  2. My dad tried to do the same thing when we were in London! Theres a train that runs underwater from France to England and he told me that we could see fish and stuff when we went through it. I was greatly disappointed.

  3. Susan Campbell

    Wow. You guys squeezed in a lot in one day. Glad you got to see so many nice things. I bet the 9/11 memorial was awesome.

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