Start Fresh Summer!

Hello from HOME!

The big crazy semester finally ended.

Can I get a hallelujah?!

Too many group projects, if you ask me. Now it’s time to unpack & start my job for the summer with a couple of trips to New York City to finish up the medical procedures on my face that we started 2 years ago.

Before I packed up my apartment and left school for the summer, I was able to have a fantastic last week with my friends :)

kids on the dock

In between the big scary finals, we snuck away to my favorite peaceful place to watch the sunset behind the lake. Great way to spend time together before spending  a summer apart! Huddled together sharing blankets and jackets because we slightly underestimated the wind. :)

best friends at sunset

lake mary dock

lake mary collage

All semester long I was counting down til the summer. I had some awesome memories including hikes, trips to Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, and Omaha, plus a dream-come-true internship opportunity, my 21st birthday and my first marathon. But I also have a big summer to look forward too!

First, I’m so grateful to be working at my mom’s office again. My job is perfectly-suited for the classes that I just finished taking. And my bank account is in serious need of some funds after all of my sprees this semester…I easily spent over $100 on Quest Bars. Whoops!

My family will also be traveling to Manhattan to continue the next phase of procedures on my venous malformation. I’d postponed these treatments due to my cross country and track seasons. The recovery process wouldn’t allow me to train as hard as I needed to compete collegiately. But now I’m at a time where I’m prioritizing the treatments.

lake mary girls on the dock

I also have some health goals for myself this summer. (When do I not. haha) I love taking advantage of being home to have a running buddy (aka my dad), a gym buddy (aka my mom), and home-cooked meals with tons of veggies. I plan to get back onto the clean-eating wagon and increase my weekly running mileage.

Speaking of which, I have an hour run on my agenda now.

It’s good to be home!

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  1. These photos are gorgeous, you live in a lovely place! YAY for finishing the semester.

  2. Congrats on starting summer, girl! You have a great blog and I just nominated you for a Liebster Award. You should totally check it out. Hope we can be friends :)

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