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Settle in, this is going to be a long one. I’ve got a lot to say about my recent fitness-enlightenment.

This amazing thing happened two days ago while I was purusing some health and fitness blogs, like I tend to do when I’m procrastinating my finance homework. I found my new fitness goal. I have been aimlessly searching for a new source of motivation for the past month when my marathon training came to a (successful) end. Some days I would run laps around the field outside my apartment. Other times I would complete a few rounds of strength circuits. Weekends are full of hiking and biking. But there was no PURPOSE. I had no specific goal to reach for, and that really affected my overall mood and fitness.

hotel workout

One fateful link led me to Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Program from (The 15-minute introductory video had me instantly hooked. Which I subsequently sent to my mom, who was instantly hooked. Which I’ve now shared with you. Prepare to be hooked.) Jamie Eason is gorgeous, her body is incredible (I will sacrifice peanut butter for those abs), and her attitude was completely inspirational.

What had me sold: it’s not just workouts. The “3×3” philosophy includes Workouts, Nutrition Plan, and Supplementation Plan. My intial introduction sent me into hours and hours of research on supplementation, meal prepping, clean eating, clean recipes, weight training and muscle recovery. THIS IS THE STUFF I LOVE. Learning about metabolic functions/nutritional science/macros is pure fun for me. A lot of this information was not new to me, however I’ve never experimented with supplementation, meal prep or complete 100% clean eating.

As per the program’s requirements: cutting out processed foods, NOW. I am giving up my beloved Luna Bars, Clif Bars, and even the emergency Nature Valley Bars. (And replacing them with Quest Bars! Much more expensive but a much cleaner alternative.) I’ve decided to replace my powdered coffee creamer with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Jamie made it very clear that her abs are made in the kitchen. You could have abs of steel, but if they are hidden underneath a layer of “cushion” then no amount of russian-twists are going to expose them. Plus, the chemical and preservative content of most processed foods leads to bloating and retained water (mainly due to high sodium content). So I solemnly swear that by committing to the program, I will follow a clean-eating lifestyle. All natural, whole, unprocessed foods. Fortunately there are SO many great natural foods.

Clean Eating collage (

I’m also exceptionally excited to try out clean-eating and protein-packed recipes from like the sweet potato protein pizza crust, which I found on Pinterest. *Naturally I’ve followed Jamie on Pinterest and Facebook. We’re basically friends now ;)

Nutrition Education ( minor problemo…

Jamie does not support cardio in Phase 1 of the training. She believes we are solely focusing on building muscle and supporting our physique through weight training and diet. She also admits that she HATES cardio and can’t stand running. Guess what? I LOVE CARDIO. RUNNING IS MY FAVORITE THING TO DO. I do it for fun. I need to run. I am grumpy and unpleasant if I don’t. Running makes me feel confident and fit, and the endorphins are my drug.

Hotel room can still stay fit and feel good on vacation (

Needless to say I will continue my cardio exercise because I believe that it is an important part of my life and I can sustain enough energy to follow both the weight training program and cardio.

Now that I’m typing this out, I realized I am going to break it up into multiple posts. Next I will cover my thoughts and experience with supplementation, meal prepping, workout routines, clean recipes, and other goodies like carbs, alcohol, & cheat meals. (<—- including that list just made me accountable for keeping up the blog posts!) I’ll also share my progress and thoughts on the program :)

Fitness, for me, is a way of becoming confident and happy. I love the feeling of accomplishing something. Exercise gives me the opportunity to feel this every day.

Oh and I should note that I am in no way trying to become a “body builder.” My goal with this is to achieve a completely clean diet, commitment to build muscle, and see how my body transforms in 12 weeks. I will never be perfect, I know. I’m just trying to be the BEST I can be. I want something to give all of my energy to and see the pay off.

Keith Urban put it perfectly. And I have no shame (see what I did there? Listen to the song & you will..) that I played this song exactly eleven times during my run last night. You should turn the volume up way too high for this one:

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  1. Wow! How exciting! I do weightlifting (in crossfit) and I feel waaaay better over all. Can’t wait to hear more! Nothing’s as motivating as a goal. I wish you good luck! And keep us all posted :)

  2. You are clearly a “goal oriented” person and this is a strong and challenging goal program that we are excited to join you in. Already made our meal plans, shopped and prepped. Looking forward to setting our personal goals and crushing them like you do!! So happy that you turned us onto this program and looking forward to getting stronger & more fit. You are an amazing inspiration and a very successful role model who will make such an awesome personal trainer in the near future!!😃

  3. Kenzie,

    What do you think about KIND granola bars? I’m at college and we don’t have a Walmart or anything like that closer than 45 minutes away, so I’m oftentimes at the mercy of my school store (which is great, but there’s only so much merchandise they can carry.) I’m trying to eat clean and do Jamie Eason’s program (although I can’t follow her meal plan because I am required to be on a college meal plan and because of the lack of grocery stores nearby, both of which prevent me from buying my own groceries). But the closest kind of granola bar to Quest Bars that the school store carries are KIND bars. Also, I’m curious if you’re giving up Skinny Lattes? :P

    • Hi Carly! I’m not 100% familiar with the ingredients in Kind Bars, however I do know that they are primarily made with nuts and dried fruits. Dried fruits do carry added sugars but I think KIND bars are a better selection than Nature Valley, Clif, or Fiber One bars which I feel like are glorified candy bars. You definitely have to make compromises when you are limited with campus food selections…I’ve been there :) I am interested to hear how your experience with the LiveFit program goes as well!
      And yes…..I am giving up Skinny Latte’s because even the “sugar-free” syrups have nasty chemicals in them. I will occasionally treat myself to an iced americano :)

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