Spaghetti Squash Pasta

I think the reason I’ve postponed another blog post for so long is because I couldn’t really top my first marathon recap. I wanted to relive the experience as long as possible! But now, the lactic acid is almost drained from my legs and I cut the tracking tag off of my training shoes for today’s easy run. Time to move on… ;)

Last night’s dinner was purposefully extra healthy because of my lack of exercise all week. Post-marathon, I gave myself 7 full exercise-free days to let my body recover. (Though that did mean turning down frozen yogurt on girl’s night out and bypassing the chocolate section at this week’s Sprouts spree in order to compensate for the lack of energy-expenditure.) Today though, I reintroduced my legs to jogging with a 5 miler on some trails and sidewalks. I am ready to get back to my fitness routine! Now that my marathon is over, what is my next goal? I’m giving myself a week or two to figure that one out….

In the meantime, I’ve cleaned up my fridge with about 15 pounds of fresh produce. I’ve got Acorn squash to Zucchini and everything in between. My dinners are usually a medley of vegetables, like this amazing spaghetti squash pasta. Trust me, you don’t even miss the carbs.

Spaghetti Squash Pasta (

Nope those aren’t noodles!

After you slice the squash open, it’s the easiest thing in the world. Wash it and use a really good knife because cutting into the dense raw squash is slightly frightening…

Spaghetti Squash ( out the seeds and guts like a pumpkin. I line a baking sheet with foil, lightly spray with olive oil cooking spray and some seasoning. Lay the squash halves on the tray, face down and bake at 375 for about 50 minutes. They will be super soft when they are done!

For the sauce, I sauteed my own blend of chopped zucchini (green & yellow because the more color the better!), tomato, orange bell pepper, garlic and spinach. Plus we added some pre-cooked shrimp for a little protein. After it all cooked down for about 8 minutes, I added it to some marinara sauce that had been simmering the whole time.

Spaghetti Squash Sauce ( fun part! Once the squash is removed from the oven, use 2 forks to pull apart the insides into its little “spaghetti” strands. Who ever thought that shaping vegetables to look like a more substantial dish would actually be so filling.

Hah I just couldn’t resist….. ;)

Talk about squash on squash on squash. Here’s the nutritional facts!

Spaghetti Squash has 10 grams of carbs per 1 cup, compared to regular pasta’s 50 grams per cup. It’s also naturally fat-free, low-sugar and largely composed of water. (Hydrating!)

Happy Sunday :)

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  1. Hahahaha, funny joke Kenzie!! I’m so glad you turned us on to this delicious and easy meal. So many options and so easy to make!! 😃

  2. That’s how we eat spaghetti – even with my teenager has friends over – they don’t mind it a bit! Glad you took some time to recoup! we ahven’t had that in a long time…this reminds me to cook it! : )

  3. I am a huge fan of spaghetti squash and the way you cooked it! I definitely cooked some up last week and LEFT IT in the oven for TWO HOURS. I was wondering why my apartment was smelling so good (it literally smells like a cake when it cooks that long). Let’s just say it didn’t taste like it smelled. It became garbage.

  4. looool the joke is funny!!! i

  5. Congrats on the first marathon! My legs make me whimper for SEVERAL days following that distance! Love spaghetti squash- although I still need the real pasta to toss it with ;) Hope you don’t cut back too much on food- your body still needs it to repair!

  6. Sometimes if I’m in a hurry & don’t have the time to make speg squash I will literally just take steamables veggies (broc or brussels) and just add sauce! (We all know pasta is really about the sauce, anyway!) An easier way to make speg squash too is pocking holes in it and microwaving it for 13-17 minutes (depending on how you like the texture) then cutting it in half and scooping out the middle – just a tip. Love your blog :)

  7. This looks so YUM ! is there any advice/tips for a high school XC runner who wants to go to a d1 school? I started track and Xc late (freshmen year for TF and sophomore for XC) ? I improved fast (5k pr 20 20 ) I know my times aren’t great and I will have to work REALLY hard to gain the speed I need . So PLEASE help me !!!! love you though ! xoxoxox Tabi

  8. Ha ha. Loved the joke. This dish sounds delicious!

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