Pre-Race Prep

When I wake up tomorrow, I get to live my dream! Sunday is the P.F. Chang’s Phoenix Rock n’ Roll Marathon, my FIRST marathon :) I’ve been dying to run an official 26.2 miles since I began high school cross country and started training for this race specifically in October.

Today my best friend drove us to Phoenix. Tempe, actually. {Pit stop at Sprouts for snacks and Starbucks for caffeine} We were southbound! I played DJ in the car, jammin out to some Daughtry, Miley, Elli Goulding, Avicii and obviously Eminem. If you passed two white girls (not so) hardcore rapping in a Corolla along the I-17, that was probably us:

marathon expo best friend

driving to phoenixFirst stop: convention center to pick up my racing bib, race shirt and shwaggggg bag. I’m in Corral #1 which means I get to start in the first wave of the race! Front Row, Yo!

rock n roll marathon pictureThere were dozens of booths for running gear and shoes which we bypassed, strictly focused on the vendors with samples ;) You know you do this too! We filled up on larabars, PowerBars, Jelly Belly sports beans, granola bites, snap pea crisps, and cereal cups.

marathon expo best friend a

Time for real food! We headed back to the hotel with my parents for lunch and a SHAKEOUT:

*** Shake-out: *** the concept of a shake-out run was introduced to me in college. Either the morning of or the evening before a serious race, a shake-out is an easy, comfortable-paced jog of a few miles in order to get your muscles loose and ready to perform.

Kerri accompanied me on a 3-miler around our Tempe hotel and it felt GLORIOUS. My legs wanted MORE but they will have to wait til tomorrow ;)

Since this is my first marathon experience I wanted to make sure I packed everything I needed.

  • Band-aids of every shape & size
  • Ibuprofen (& Tylenol)
  • iPod, charger, and arm-band
  • Garmin
  • Gu fuel packs
  • Race confirmation sheet & ID
  • 4 different race outfits (for every type of weather, duh)
  • RUNNING SHOES (seems obvious but I’ve forgotten these for a track meet before & was forced to make a quick purchase at JCPenney’s….never again)
  • Pre-race breakfast of banana, oatmeal, coffee
  • Plenty of hair ties
  • Sport-specific sunscreen

One cool feature of the race is it’s partnership with that will post my mid-race time splits on my Facebook page, as well as text my registered family & friends with my current distance and time. Even when they can’t see me, they’ll be in the loop of how I’m doing.

Pre-race dinner:

premarathon dinner with fam ( wanted something pretty basic but full of carbs. The night before a 26.2 mile outting, I’m not too concerned with calories. My Phoenix friend Chelsea met my family, Kerri & I at Ruby Tuesday’s. Got my fill of pasta! :) Time to get some sleep, rest up for my little run tomorrow… Post-race recap to come <3

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  1. Have fun! We’ll be thinking about you and eagerly awaiting a post on this site to hear how it went! Hugs!

  2. Best of luck!!! Have fun. Can’t wait to hear about first marathon adventure.

  3. How exciting! I know you will do great. Good luck!!!

  4. Sharon/Grandma Estes

    Sounds like your ready to go. Will be waiting to hear how you did. Know
    you will do great !

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