Today is an especially inspiring hodge-podge of quotes, links, videos, and songs that I have found motivational in my past three months of training for my first marathon. Getting goosebumps just thinking about it now!

First off, I started a “Marathon” board on Pinterest (obviously…) you can follow here —> Marathon.

1.) Many marathoners have professed the power of the “mantra”. Who am I to question them?

**Mantras are phrases that you can repeat to yourself to bring your mind back to a relaxing and calm state**

The phrase I selected:

Its simple (easy to remember!) and should be a reminder to relax in case I feel some nerves or doubt.

2.) A lot of people ask Why are you running a marathon? If you have to ask, you won’t understand. To them, running 26.2 miles (by choice!) seems like hard work, a punishment, not a fun activity for their Sunday morning. That is not the case for myself and the thousands of other racers I will be joining at the start line.

Training is a lifestyle quote

Running literally changes you. Long distance training increases your endurance and patience in tough situations. It’s stress relief…energy release…”me” time…cardio exercise.

3.) This video is a pretty sweet compilation of running clips. How cool would it be to have video of clips from each of your most memorable runs/workouts in scenic settings, vacations, camps, etc.?! Future project for myself…

4.) Now something a little less serious…..

It’s funny because IT’S TRUE! My neighbors can confirm ;)

5.) If I needed any further motivation, it would be this right here:

Marathon biggest fans (

My dad is on his bike next to me whenever I need a running partner at home. He and my mom are so proud of me and supportive of my marathon training. If I ever doubt myself, I can think about the amount of time & energy they have put into helping me get here! How lucky I am to have parents so happy to help me achieve my dream!

6.) It’s no secret that MUSIC is one of my biggest motivators. Whenever I download new songs, my first thought is always “I can’t wait to go running so I can listen to this!” What a fitness nerd…

I’ve posted a series of songs from my marathon training playlist so I’ll continue with this little treasure…”Breathe” by Ryan Star

Been listening to this one since high school!

7.) Because my research on tapering before a marathon concluded that the final week is all about CONFIDENCE, I will include this last personal bit of motivation. I’ve watched myself grow from a struggling high school cross country runner, to a recruited D1 collegiate athlete, to FINALLY a marathoner. It makes me proud. Every day I am grateful for the ability to run because it is my passion, something that I will never give up. My motivation is the fact that I have been thinking about this challenge for more than five years and I am finally going to accomplish one of my biggest goals :)

Track throwback (

Track Throwback from Senior Year!

**Bonus Marathon Training Playlist Song!**

This one seems obvious. But a playlist wouldn’t be complete without Mr. Eminem. I plan on repeating this song no less than 6 times during race day ;)

If you have some other source of inspiration please share! :)

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  1. These are great thanks!

  2. Can’t believe your marathon debut is just 5 days away!!! We are just as excited as you are and so proud of your commitment, dedication and perseverance in getting here. Love your new mantra and while I am one of those who ask “why would you run 26.2 miles by choice”, I totally understand the passion and joy YOU get from it! Continue with your relaxing, nerve-free tapering of comedy shows, reading, snacking and giddy anticipation of the BIG day. xoxoxoxo : )

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