Suck It Up, Buttercup

You know the last thing I want to do when it’s 7 degrees outside with 10mph winds? Leave the comfort of my heated room wearing spandex and nylon to run on icy surfaces for an hour.

BUT I DO IT ANYWAYS. It helps to have a buddy or an iPod although nothing can really cure the bitter harsh cold on your face and hands. But if you are committed to a healthy lifestyle, weather cannot be a barrier :)

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Let’s be real. In a perfect world, every day would be a glorious 75 degrees with gorgeous, not-too-harsh sunshine, a light breeze and and no humidity. Now wake up! If you’re fortunate enough to live in a snow-prone region, then you already know that it is an unavoidable part of life. Meaning we can stop complaining & just figure out a way to work around it. Snow is not an excuse to be lazy :)

Whether its 107 degrees or -7 degrees, there are ways to overcome external factors and accomplish your workout. First step: plan your workouts ahead of time and make “skipping” one a non-option. Remember my good ole’ long-run motto?? Let me remind you…..

Long Run Mental Toughness (

I had to remind myself of this last weekend. I had a 13-miler on the calendar Sunday morning. My running buddy cancelled on me. It snowed the night before. But I had to get those miles in for my training so it was non-negotiable.

If you’re a college kid… USE THE COLLEGE GYM! No one wants to be stuck in their tiny bedroom 24/7 and the gym is a great place to go to stay warm, be active and offset some of those extra Christmas goodies ;) Plus you can take advantage of how less crowded it is because of everyone else hiding in their room 24/7. Sure it may sound great to stay bundled up and watch Netflix. But you can do that in the OTHER 23 HOURS of your day!!

Snow-covered Trails (

Yesterday evening I had a 6 mile run that I planned to complete on a treadmill so I could sport some shorts & a tank top. When I got to the gym, SURPRISE the gym closed 4 hours early that day! Those miles were not going to run themselves so I grabbed some warmer clothes for the brisk 20-degree air. I got in my six miles outside in the dark and I felt like a (snow)beast afterwards. Trust me, the discomfort at the beginning of your work out will be well worth it at the end. When your brain says, “Stop, this is cold!” I say SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP.

Exhibit A: Post-snow-run adrenaline high.

Cold Weather Workout ( doesn’t love a good webcam selfie? ;) )

***It helps to know a hot, fresh pot of coffee is waiting when you finish. ;)

I also want to start  a new feature with a song at the end of each post from my marathon training playlist :) Each song is motivational in some aspect. Current Song of the Moment:

Never let the darkness hold you back, no fear of getting lost.” “Everything you’re ever gonna dream, I pray that it will come.” “Wish that I could make the road easy, I wish that life was fair.” “I hope you don’t forget this, you were born for better things.” “

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  1. GREAT motivational post Kenzie. So many people (including your parents) opt to hit snooze and forgo the discomfort of a good workout. It’s good to be reminded that the discomfort is only temporary and the accomplishment is forever!! You are such a beautiful little snowbeast!! ⛄️

  2. Love this post Kenzie! I like the no-nonsense attitude :)

  3. You are amazing!! I shamefully have to admit that I would be one of those who would chosen a nice warm bed over running in the cold, snowy weather. 😁 Just be careful when running alone. 😊

  4. P.S. Love the pictures. 👍

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