College Girl’s Grocery Guide 2.0

College Girls Grocery Guide for eating healthfully on campus from

Are you a list-maker? I am most definitely a list-maker. I can’t even count the times my mom & I go to Target for 3 little items, come out with about 23…and forget something we came for in the first place. Which leads to a second trip to Target, where we buy more unneeded (but super cute!) things we don’t need. Lists save the day.

My list-making habit is only perpetuated by the post-it feature on my laptop. Those things come in handy! Currently I have a “Books to Buy” list with about 18 titles I can’t really justify buying until I finishing reading the last dozen I bought; a “To-do for School” list with boring tasks I’ve been putting off.  A list of the blogs I read daily, and another list of songs that I’ve heard on Pandora that I want to buy. And every Saturday morning I have a Grocery List, naturally. Though they pretty much always look the same. (I should just save them each week and re-use them. I’ve never thought of that until now…..light bulb moment here!)

Here are the staples of my grocery shopping that I regularly buy to keep my kitchen stocked with HEALTHFUL and energizing goods:

College Girls Grocery Guide 2.0 ( you'll be thankful you pinned this 2 weeks in to campus dining!

Last year I blogged about my Dorm Room Kitchen and Dorm Room Grocery Guide. I am no longer living in a shared-room….look who’s moving up in the world! ;) This year I will be moving into an apartment with three friends. We have a kitchen! No need for a meal plan anymore. My cooking options just expanded!

Campus dining seems to be heavy on the processed, sugary junk foods and light on the fresh healthy options. At my school, the cereal selection ranges from Lucky Charms to Fruit Loops to Coco Puffs. There are 5 times as many trays of desserts as their are baskets of fruit. It’s a diabetic nightmare. Eating every meal in the campus cafeteria/buffet is doable, and there are healthy options but I like knowing what’s going into my food. Plus cooking is just kind of fun :) College Girls Groceries - healthy convenient list for your next shopping trip so YOU can eat healthy on campus! (

Along with these groceries, kitchen must-haves include a coffee pot (I mean…duh.), blender, steaming bags, and a toaster.

What would you add to this list?

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  1. I came across your blog when I found the dorm room shopping post, and despite being out of school, healthy eating on a budget never goes out of style (or being financially responsible). I wanted to share that I love lists too and use a tool called WorkFlowy. You can get a free account and get others to sign up to get more free space, but for $40 or $50, you can get unlimited space, free backups, and more. It’s totally worth the price. Since I found it last year, it lets me keep all my lists and notes in one spot. And there’s an app for adding stuff when not at the computer. You’ll have to check it out.

  2. I absolutely adore your blog :) I’m going into my freshman year at college and all your tips are a great help! Thanks :D

  3. What kind of oats are best?

    • Steel cut oats are the least processed, and my favorite brand is Coach’s Oats. However rolled and quick oats are simply flattened and chopped up to make for faster cooking times/more palatable. They still contain similar nutritional content. Instant oatmeal with flavoring, like Maple and Brown Sugar, are obviously the least healthy because of the additives so your best best is to buy plain unflavored oats and add your own cinnamon, fruit, milk, nuts, whatever! :)

  4. So excited to live with you! Love catching up on your blogs; we are going to have the best smelling apartment out of anyone. I have to admit, I worked at a summer camp and definitely gave into Mamma B’s cooking….which was heavenly but as southern-cooking as you could get-completely unhealthy! :). One more month to lovely company and healthier meals (and maybe the occasional workout)! <3

  5. Hello! So glad I found your blog! I currently live alone now, and a senior high school student. I have a part time job so I’m stuck on a tight budget! I hope you can make more meal plans and grocery guides :) Keep up!

  6. Great blog sound interesting……..thanks. I hope you continues you post of meal plans and grocery guides.

  7. I would add two “gadgets” to your list:
    I love having a rice cooker. Any kind of rice in 20 minutes, no watching a pot or stirring. If you get one with a steam basket, you can easily steam any type of veggies (or tamales, or anything else that needs steaming).
    I also found an abandoned slow cooker in fabulous condition when I moved in to my first apartment (it was forgotten under the sink). It is fabulous for coming home to warm meals like homemade soup or chicken soft taco filling. Also great for making food for entertaining. And if I know I have warm food ready at home, I am 400 times less likely to stop by campus dining or fast food on the way home!

  8. Absolutely LOVE your blog!!!!! My biggest struggle at school is grocery shopping and finding quick easy meals. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. serlricoservices

    Your blog is very helpful esp for college students who id tight on a budget. But be sure to eat healthy while saving money.

  10. Every girl need a slow cooker ,crock pot and a blender for the smoothies.and a cooper pot that does everything…

  11. Where’s the Apple cider vinegar tips?

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